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  1. Tucker Carlson who says the truth and everyone gets their panties in a wad because they don't like it. And what do they instantly do? What this PC world does these days, start calling the white guy racist. Grow up dude and get a clue with what's happening.
  2. Caps been giving the ball away and sitting back way too much
  3. Oh man, this is crazy. San Jose has just given up
  4. If Detroit had picked Henrik Zetterberg in the first round there would have been rioting in the streets in Detroit, so who knows. Not that I'm comparing this kid to Zetterberg but we will have to wait and see. Not holding my breath though, I'm a jaded Canucks fan for over 30 years. Interesting read if you want to read it. http://www.vancourier.com/pass-it-to-bulis/should-the-canucks-draft-elias-pettersson-1.20342866
  5. Grats Ottawa. Frickin amazing game
  6. What a game. This is what I love about the CFL. Game isn't over til the fat lady sings.
  7. Oh shut up, CFL rules are superior to the NFL. NFL is too slow.
  8. Well I'm not that mean. I don't really hate Calgary or Mitchell, just seeing Burris win another Cup before retiring would be cool. One of the best and classiest guys ever to play the game.
  9. Bo Levi Mitchell choking?
  10. Ousted didn't deserve this result. Was awesome this year
  11. That was pass interference guys. As much as I hate to say it, but when loking at replays and in slow motion it was an accidental trip. Main thing is, the offense has to get better, two safetys in a row should never happen.
  12. BS call. No Way that's a penalty. Nice ref giving the Sounders a freebie
  13. Nice guy that Lucic. True sportsmanship right there, just like Burnaby Joe or Steve Yzerman. That's why we love him in Vancouver just as much as those two guys. Even though they burned us many times in the playoffs even more than Lucic (obviously) the classy on ice persona about them just makes us love them as players and people.
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