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  1. Are you alive ?

    1. Master 112

      Master 112

      Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

  2. yup no prob. do you want to send me a link for the images you want to use. like the helicopter, the picture of luongo you want used, the crowd photo. then i can cut it out and put it together.

  3. Thanks alot man! Take your time.

  4. yup k ill make it. I will take about an hour or 2. So ill make it in the next few times when i get some time.

  5. Well it's more of a sig job..but I was wonderin if you could have..Luongo being pulled away by helicopter (being piloted by chewbacca) on a rope or something, away from a bunch of canucks fans with spears/bow and arrow/etc. "Proudly supporting Luongo into the 2010 playoffs" somewhere on there..

    I know it's kinda ridiculous..

  6. yeah sure what did you want done in photoshop?

  7. Feel like doin a photoshop job for me if you ever got time? I can explain the details if you ever see this :P Totally understand if you can't, but it wouldn't take too long i wouldn't think...but yeah, only if you wanna.

    stick around anyways, forum needs you back.

  8. *waves*

    popped back on for the olympics!

  9. hey raging wookies. nice new name heh. thought id pop back on for the olmypics. off topic seems dead though.

  10. Welcome back Pfize buddy!

  11. PS: I miss the Olympics, too. I think I'm going through some sort of withdrawl. I keep flipping to CTV, then I remember that the Olympics are over. Now, I don't know what to watch on TV anymore. lol

  12. Or maybe we're just getting older. =(

    I just realized that my CDC birthday was a few days ago. I've been on here for 7 years ago. Kinda sad. I was 14 when I joined. lol.

  13. yup the board seems to get younger and younger heh. love your olympic chicklets sig though!

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