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  1. yup no prob. do you want to send me a link for the images you want to use. like the helicopter, the picture of luongo you want used, the crowd photo. then i can cut it out and put it together.

  2. yup k ill make it. I will take about an hour or 2. So ill make it in the next few times when i get some time.

  3. yeah sure what did you want done in photoshop?

  4. *waves*

    popped back on for the olympics!

  5. hey raging wookies. nice new name heh. thought id pop back on for the olmypics. off topic seems dead though.

  6. yup the board seems to get younger and younger heh. love your olympic chicklets sig though!

  7. yup same came back for the olympics. ahh the old days when the forum was busy and full of life =(

  8. i just got bored of posting heh. white noise is pretty dead too. pretty surprising. before a thread would go to page 2 in like an hour. Now its up for the whole day. hows the creative section? gotten better or worse? hehe

  9. the llamas have missed you too! whats up with the offtopic section. how come its so dead? use to be new topics all the time. now its like one post every half hour or something. or is it just a slow week?

  10. thought id post during the olympics. yay!

    *waves hello to the hornet*

  11. its true. he says every morning he wakes up and drinks his first urine of the day urine- the breakfast of champions!
  12. Heres the Dana White blogs for Saturday night. Awesome that he uploads this stuff for the fans! part 4 (ill post this first because its the most exciting) part 1 part 2 part 3 40 minutes of behind the scene action for saturdays event!
  13. I read somewhere where they said that it would air on HDNET. So if you have the channel you can pvr it or check it out. I think it starts 2 am Pacific time. Maybe google to be positive. I dont have that channel.
  14. pretty good fights. i was hoping hughes vs serra was longer. It didnt really tell us much. Hughes had top control and Serra almost fluke ko'd hughes with the accidental headbutt. Tommorow in Japan is the Dream Super Hulk Tournament. Leave it to the Japanese to put on mma freak shows but its soo crazy you gotta watch! Jose Conseco is fighting too! haha hes going to get destroyed. It wont be aired in north america but check out mmatko.com or youtube or something. Someone should have the results up. I think its on 5am our time, tuesday morning. Its basically Giants fighting one another and some other goods fights. Mayhem miller vs Jacare for the middleweight title. That should be technical. and kid Yamamoto is fighting again. should be a circus show you cant miss!
  15. he sounds like a chain smoker.
  16. ive been bamboozled!

  17. solid post! another good new contributer to the ufc thread along with Big G and Holyovernovacaine. The UFC thread has new blood! I agree they wanted Krystof to kill 2 birds with one stone. One have a tuf contestant people are familiar with, and 2 feature the 2 WEC LHW champions Brian Stann and Steven Cantwell. I think they had Stout on there as the 1 Canadian fighter on the main card. I think thats the one fight that should have been substituted for the Kang Professor X match. Stout was coming off 2 losses in a row and Wiman off 1. Kang deserves better than that because even though he lost last match he was a high rated fighter and performed great in last match but then gassed and got triangled. Other than the ending he was tearing belcher up. and UFC is just UFC. Its trying to be a league just like the NHL. NHL isnt just about hockey world wide its about trying to get the best talent fighting for one championship under one banner. I always hated the ropes in pride. They are not mean for MMA. Everyone always falls out and there are too many constant restarts.
  18. yeah i agree I was hoping the Denis Kang fight would air i watched it online through the korean people covering it. Here is the video: It was a very entertaining fight!! http://mixedmartialartvideos.com/2009/04/1...m-video-ufc-97/ http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qi...19004353AAeKmVA someone answered: Flyleaf - "Red Sam" I dont remember the song at all so i dont know if this is the right answer or someone lied in the answer.
  19. from the fox sports fedor bio great post. You should comment more in the ufc section haha yeah. Zuffa just took down the greasing video down from youtube because they didnt want it to hurt anderson silvas reputation... yet they put on ufc 94 on spike tv and advertised the gsp vaseline. Dana really loves anderson... *runs after mugpot!*
  20. because hes modest he would never say "im the best" and thats why we love him
  21. thanks haha. I havent been posting much at all but when i returned i noticed dom. seems like the new geeno. new poster? i didnt check his sign up date. The concept of p4p is if everything was equal and they were the same size who would be better. Would GSP/Silva fight Fedor at his current size? hm? they are much smaller. They cut weight because everyone else cuts weight. WW are actually middleweights. MW are actually light heavyweights. Light Heavyweights are actually Heavyweights. The guys at heavyweights are actually super heavyweights. Its actually beneficial for Fedor to fight at his own weigh 240 because most of the guys in that division are slow and out of shape. LHW are actually better than Heavyweights because they have both knock out power plus speed. That i think is the top division in all of MMA at the moment. It would actually be more challenging for Fedor to fight at LHW where the skill level is higher. The heavyweights have knockout power but are slow and pretty one dimensional. Fedor is a well rounded fighter in a division of one dimensional guys. I still rate him #2 p4p though but i just think at WW and LHW he would lose a few times. If Fedor was 185 like GSP i think he would lose because GSP just has more skill.
  22. ^ you have to remember though that more weight does not = better in heavyweight. there comes a point in heavyweight where more weight actually makes you a worse fighter hence why the division allows a 60 pound difference. Fedor built the way he is at WW and LHW would probably lose to quite a few guys. I think he would lose to GSP. The skill level at Heavyweight is pretty bad compared to the others.
  23. I blame Anderson 60%. He is the middleweight champion. he pulled the same crap against Cote. People paid 50 bucks to watch a top fighter dance. We all already knew Leities was a can so he fought to his max. But what you essentially have is Anderson Silva being afraid to fight on the ground VS Thailes Leities (sp?) who is afraid to stand and punch. Both guys sucked but if Anderson is truly a top fighter he should not be scared to fight anywhere. Like Fedor and GSP he should go and crush an opponent anywhere the fight goes. GSP is 5'10 and maxes out at 187. Anderson Silva is 6'2 and maxes out at 225. But cuts big time (probably is 205 before leading up to fight) to make it to middleweight. Theres a huge height/weight difference here. I agree with Jermi, Anderson needs to fight guys his own size with the same reach in the LHW division. He is fighting cans and now he wants to drop another division to fight GSP? I thinks GSP is a lot more talented and more well rounded than Silva but this shouldnt always be about GSP fighting the best, for once it should be about Anderson fighting someone bigger and better than him. Dana cant keep feeding him TUF fighter cans and then telling the world that Fedor sucks and fights garbage.
  24. good for shogun there. leities and anderson looked like crap. Especially Anderson because he did the same thing with Cote. Brutal. Leities wanted to fight on the ground, Anderson wanted to fight standing up. They couldnt seem to work together haha. One guy laid down, one guy stood up. funny that the crowd kept booing and chanting bullsh!t. edit: its weird that the commentators kept praising Anderson again like the last fight against Cote when all he was doing was shadow boxing. "Anderson is out of Leities league" "silva is too much" all in the while Anderson is just jogging around the octagon and Leities is taking a nap on the floor haha.
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