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  1. This is my message to the players: Bo, Elias, Brock, Alex, Quinton, JT, etc. You are a talented group. A lot of teams in the NHL would love to have you on their roster. The team went 7 games in the second round last year and you could have won that series and who knows how far you could have gone. There were a lot of changes made in the post season that no doubt left you confused... a lot of tough adjustments... that's not on you. Just keep your heads up and keep playing. Next year will be better. Keep your self respect and your respect for the others in the dressing room. This will pass.
  2. That incident with JT Miller and Boeser is all about the coaching. That doesn't happen when the Coach sets a level of accountability that includes respect for the player. It happens when the Coach sets the tone by attributing blame and pointing fingers to shame.
  3. Sorry Bud... no can do... there's a mob of Leaf's fans laffing up a party outside... I'm hiding in my basement.
  4. Aquaman needs to step in and forbid Benning to trade away any more picks for useless has-beens. And don't let him trade Virtanen... with another coach the kid has potential to reverse the trend... he is still young.
  5. Green's coaching moves: Re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.
  6. If this is true, then Benning has lost it completely. The team needs defense... has needed defense for the past 2 years. It doesn't need another forward. It doesn't need to see another draft pick thrown away. Stupid, Stupid Stupid.
  7. No... Julien is washed up. He was a decent coach, but has health and other issues. Look at the difference in results since he was replaced in Boston. Nobody is replacing Green till off-season... Aquaman has written off the year.
  8. Kudos to Burr.... Hey Buddy, I am sure you'll be a success. Only sorry you didn't land in Vancity.
  9. Canucks could have signed him... you are forgetting the hometown discount... no one likes to move... and Calgary isn't exactly a destination.
  10. Yes, he should have been re-signed... but with no no-trade clause. And then traded after two years. Would have been 1.5 million per year cheaper than signing Schmidt... who would not be needed. Also they should have re-signed Oskar Fantenberg for a year... yeah he wasn't great in the playoffs, but most of last year he was better than Benn... and he was mean.
  11. He's a year or two away from really being solid, but I think his potential is there... assuming he doesn't get injured.
  12. This hits the nail on the head. Benning has used his picks and trades to acquire offensive talent... even Hughes as a D-Man was picked for his offensive ability. With the exception of Myers, there has been very little effort put into acquiring really big solid 3/4/5/6 position D-Men... Benning has scraped around the bottom of the barrel instead to pick up guys like Hamonic and Benn. He lucked into Tryamkin... and should have jumped all over him to make sure he stayed... or re-signed him... instead the team is left with what it has... a bunch of #6/7's. Look at Winnipeg... their D Roster has always been a strong point... even with getting rid of Trouba, Myers, etc. they still have a set of big talented guys back there. Because they draft and trade that way. D wins Cups.
  13. Putting aside the game result, which I won't comment on... it looks to me that Olli Juolevi is finding his skates in this league. Kinda reminds me of Dan Hamhuis with his offensive vision... he has an understanding of the pass in the offensive zone and when to jump up... handles the puck with a calmness which is promising. He isn't putting up the points yet, but I predict he will... he is just starting to get his head wrapped around what he needs to do to contribute. Defensive play is better too... after the mixed results early on in the season. His weak point is to get to far into the O-Zone and get caught, but that is improving. He shows his calmness in the D-Zone too... I think he will be a solid #3 or #4 D if he can put some meat on his bones, get up close to 200 lbs and get some more confidence.