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  1. Not redundant... kid is still listed as a prospect... I am writing in the Canucks area.


    My point is HE IS NOT A PROSPECT.


    I am predicting he will be a regular.


    Are we not allowed to make any posts about players anywhere but in the Roster or Prospects thread??????


    What hooey.

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    2. Alflives


      Relax.  Take a chill pill.  Eat a cat.  (You’re way too young to get this) 

    3. shayster007


      Are you still going on about this? You made a misplaced post that was moved to its proper sub section. Petty  has not played a regular season game as a canuck, so he is a prospect.

    4. Zhukini


      You’re not the first one to predict he would be a regular or any of the other four points you made. However you are the first one to feel to make your own thread about it. Surprise surprise 

  2. There is no topic about Stecher becoming an alternate captain.


    My post is not redundant... you are playing favourites and censoring my posts.

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    2. Zhukini


      Your threads are so unoriginal. You think no one else has these thoughts, they do.It's just that not everyone has an ego they constantly need fed. 

    3. Twilight Sparkle
    4. elvis15


      There are topics on both Stecher and on who is our future captain (including alternates). Be happy more of your terrible threads aren't locked. Calling out a mod in a public status update is just more proof you don't understand how this all works.

  3. Hey


    Why did you shut down my thread????


    This is the second time I've been shut down on this topic.


    Here's the facts buddy:


    The Sedins were overpassing the puck and missing opportunities at the beginning of the season.


    Now they are finally starting to shoot...


    I made the observation they were overpassing before...  now they are shooting and scoring, I make the observation it is working....  So where is that irrelevant???


    Your reason for shutting down the thread is frankly nonsense.

  4. Where exactly is the thread which talks about the Sedins not shooting????


    Cause this is NOT a redundant topic... more than ever, the Sedins need to stop passing and shoot.

  5. What's with the personal harassment?


    The post is a perfectly reasonable suggestion.


    You could have PM'd me and I would have added the tag.


    Next time I get another one of these biased shutdowns I am going to write a letter to the management of the forums.



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    2. Spoderman


      I try to be objective with everyone unless they literally just refuse to see any other argument except their own.  Or are intentionally trolling or childish.


      Again, add content, tags and discussion but at no time let childish issues get to you.  or you end up with 8 ish points like I have and then...you know.

      As well, again putting a mod on blast does you no good.  I got 3 points in 1 night because I had a difference of opinion in regards to the game and who deserved the win more with a VERY less than impartial mod during last years losing game to calgary


      Literally no point fighting a mod.  Just go about your business

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      My comment on your thread reflected the quality of your OP. You have created a few decent threads, I'll give you that, but cranking out as many as you do and you're bound to get a simple response like mine that day. Live with it.


      I'm equally capable of participating in a thoughtful discussion as I am in showing what I feel is a lack of (subjectively) critical thought by means of bluntly calling you out, or in that specific case, potty humour. If you like I can l find posts of yours I wholeheartedly agree with next time and frame a compliment sandwich for you. It's obvious you aren't a troll, but that specific thread inspired that specific response. I stand by it, although might have changed the wording to reflect not "all" of your threads, just that one and one or 2 others.


      Lot's of people peruse this board and that leads to quite a diversity of opinions. You know what the irony here is, your thread about complaining to the league (as if CDC has any weight with the NHL brass what-so-ever) has resulted in an indirect complaint about my post. You want to know what I think? You could probably let both pass you by. 


      As for your assesment of @Templeton Peck 's response; it isn't excuses in my mind. @Warhippy is pretty much bang on. I'll add that if you don't like a post of mine, report it. He'll likely show me the door if I cross a line. 

    4. Templeton Peck

      Templeton Peck

      I wasn't trying to make any excuses, but rather trying to explain that I wasn't harassing you, I was simply responding to a report.


      If you do have an issue with another user like mentioned it is best to send in a report with details. You might not always get the response you want, but we will definitely look into it.


      In the future please use a PM to discussing moderating issues, as that is the proper channel for discussions like these as per the board rules.

  6. Hello StealthNuck


    I asked you to move the thread, not lock it.


    The post is valid... just move it.

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    2. StealthNuck


      Please some more thought and effort into your threads and where you post them. We're often locking or moving yours and it's getting rather tiresome. 

    3. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      you should make like 5 of them in a row to prove your point ;D

    4. John.Tallhouse



  7. Why did you lock my thread??????


    There are dozens and dozens of whiners and crybabies posting complaints about Benning and there have been dozens and dozens of threads screaming for this veteran or player to be traded and none of them get locked.


    So when one poster points out those who insisted every vet should be traded are now seeing what they wanted in a nose diving team... you then close it?


    What is this>>>>?  Censorship?

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    2. TheRussianRocket.


      Buzzfeed: at the current pace we will be the last place team in the league. Last place team will pick latest 4th overall. Please go read the draft lottery rules, thanks.

    3. Fateless


      The worst that can happen is we drop three places if we don't win any of the top 3 draft spots. We're likely going to finish either 29th or 30th which means we'd be guaranteed a top 5 pick (could be higher if we win a top 3 draft lottery spot).


      Sounds like the one who needs to re-read the rules is you.

    4. chon derry

      chon derry

      2 ridiculous proposals never got locked yesterday and  today, and i'm wondering why? i guess they stood alone , NOT being redundant?

  8. Hey


    Post wasn't about the game... was about the way the kid can change a game without even putting points on the board.


    This kid has got the physical impact in a game which the Canuck's have not had since Bertuzzi or Linden or Smyl.

    1. Templeton Peck

      Templeton Peck

      I can see some of that in the post, but you were specifically referencing something in tonights game. You weren't really citing anything else as an example except for what happened in tonights game.


      It seemed like more of a comment than a starting point for a discussion from my point of view. Also, a lot of the responses were spammy.

    2. *Buzzsaw*


      I've raised this point before... in reference to a number of games in the past where Virtanen's physical play changed the game.


      Anyway it's done, but hopefully you'll consider next time.