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  1. Green should be fired, but it should have happened last season when decent coaches were available. Julien is too old... and has lost it. Not a good idea to hire him. Need a coach who is still young enough to adapt. Edmonton made the perfect choice in signing Tippet... he really turned around that team.
  2. Where do I start? Quinn Hughes: Everyone knows Hughes is a rare offensive talent. He is someone who excels in a Run and Gun offense, or as a powerplay quarterback. What he isn't is a defensive ace... he is not a #1 Defenseman. A real #1 D can do it all... both offense and defense... Hughes simply isn't big enough to dominate physically in his own team's end the way a real #1 has to. But what does Green do?.... He plays Hughes like a #1... he plays him for close to 30 minutes and he puts him in all the situations which would be demanded of a #1... so we see Hughes on the PK, in charge of clearing the front of the net... wrestling with forwards who are twice his size. And big surprise... Hughes is a gamer, he tries hard, and then he gets injured wrestling with a much bigger forward in front of the net. Part of this is the failure of Benning to provide Green with a player who could be a good defensive partner to Hughes. He let Tanev go... Tanev wasn't the biggest player, (bigger than Hughes) but he had the smarts and anticipation... he knew how to use his stick and control the play net front. Benning also didn't replace Edler with someone who could be as physical. Everyone who got down on Alex as he aged tends to forget the work he did in front of the net... Edler was a stalwart back there and could battle with the best of them. Nobody replaced him. OEL is not that guy... he's skilled, but he is not a real physical presence. Logically Myers should be partnered with Hughes... that way Myers can take care of the net front... but that partnership hasn't worked out for some reason... (although you would think a decent defensive coach could teach them to work together) I am concerned that Hughes is being ruined as a player... that he will mistakenly start to lose confidence in himself for not being able to play the physical game... as well as getting angry at Green for putting him in these situations. Hitting: Everyone is talking about the lack of hitting by the Canucks... their record this season is abysmal. The only person who seems to be hitting is Connor Garland... which is a complete anomaly. Garland is one of the smaller players on the team... why is he leading the way in the physical play? Let me make a prediction... if Garland continues to try to lead the team physically, he will be injured too. So why isn't Green coaching the big guys on the team to hit and be physical??? It's true the team has gotten smaller... thanks to all the small forwards Benning has brought in and all the big forwards he has lost to waivers... but we still have few guys with size... Horvat, Miller, Pearson, Myers are examples... why isn't Green coaching his bigger guys to hit on the forecheck? After all, Green's system is a dump and chase... following by a cycle... and hitting has to be part of that... you gotta have someone retrieve the puck when you dump it in... and the way you do that is by forcing the opposing D to cough up the puck... either by hitting or the threat of a hit. So what's going on??? Well, what's going on is Green's laissez faire/see what happens attitude towards everything. He doesn't have a handle on what his players are doing because he really doesn't have a system. The other problem is, Miller, Pearson, Horvat and Myers are some of the offensive cornerstones of the team now... if you have these guys being the physical ones... then they get injured or end up in the box. Theoretically, it is the lunch bucket guys on the team who should be doing the hitting.... problem is... the lunchbucket hitters are all missing. A few years back we had a decent amount of hitting going on... it wasn't really coached... it came as part of the player package.. i.e. we paid to have guys like Beagle, Graovac and Roussel do that... but Benning messed up his CAP and decided we couldn't afford any more expensive character players. And the in house developed hitters, like MacEwen, Bailey and Gadjovich all fell victim to Green's grudges... when Green doesn't like you... you aren't long for the team. So what are we left with? Unfortunately it looks like a soft team.... thanks Green's coaching and Benning's trades/waivers. --- On a related topic... while I love John Garret for his commentary, he is a real homer and never likes to criticize the Canucks Staff. Corey Hirsch is definitely a character, but he is also not afraid to point to where Green's system is breaking down... both in the D Zone as well as on the offense. He's been a breath of fresh air. Wish Green and the Assistants would have a listen to the broadcasts.
  3. This team has a ton of offensive talent... and could be among the top goal producing teams in the league... but thanks to Green, they normally struggle to score. Tonight they got the bounces... but that doesn't change the fact Green has no idea how to coach the skilled guys.
  4. And yeah... why does Green bench Podkolzin when he is showing flashes of his potential???? A young player has to be encouraged when he produces, not immediately squashed and stapled to the bench when some 'mistake' is made.
  5. It was great to see Podkolzin get his first, and nice to see the Canucks win, but objectively, nothing has changed. The team was extremely lucky to win the game. Carter Hart was about as bad as he could be in net... Petey's goal, (which depended on a flukey bounce to even get on net) and Miller's goal were down to him entirely... bad positioning, then compounded by him panicking in both cases when he lost sight of the puck. Chiasson's goal was also a fluke, bouncing out then off Chiasson's scate and back on net... and thanks to Hart's bad positioning, going in. The only decent goal was Podkolzin's, although Hart gave him a huge opening to shoot at. The team is still displaying the same lack of imagination in the way the offense is run. Its all incredibly old school... players two or three abreast crossing the blue line. There is no crisscrossing, no trailer to drop the puck to.... the only play is a horizontal pass across the ice... which is the easiest pass to block. Usually the puck gets dropped to the D at the blue line and then the rest of the play is all perimeter. There are very few clean looks at goal because the way the plays are drawn up it is easy for the D to anticipate and block the shots. This team has plenty of players who have the finesse to play a more complex game, but its clear they are not being coached in that style. The D side of the game has also not changed... there is too much collapsing to the net and not enough use of player speed to get on the puckhandlers quickly. Once the other team is established in the zone the Canucks basically just give up any attempt to regain possession and focus on blocking shots.... which may work for a while, but typically results in injuries and an exhausted team by the third period. Against weak teams like Philly with their suspect goaltending the Canucks might eek out a win, but against decent teams they won't.
  6. This pre-season management has been a disaster. Juolevi is only the final cap on the sh*t pizza being served up by Benning and Green. Team is eager to keep Chiasson up... yet he is only at best a temporary replacement for Boeser and bound for the AHL anyway. Meanwhile they stupidly waive Gadj... who did everything they asked of him last year in the AHL and who still has room to improve... and of course they lose him to another team. Even if you think just of the importance to having a young exciting goalscorer in Abbotsford, in Gadj, you'd think that would be enough to keep him.
  7. Guy is 24 years old... he had his NHL tryouts with Montreal and Florida and failed miserably. He is AHL.
  8. Oh good... Benning gives up on a #1 Draft pick in exchange for a couple AHL scrubs. Meanwhile the usual cast of small mediocre forwards he traded for are kept up with the big club. One thing which Benning is always consistent with... that is he never admits his trading mistakes unless he is forced to.
  9. Unless I am misreading, Baertschi is now being shown as part of Vegas's roster on their website. I thought he was waived or demoted to the AHL?
  10. We still lost a 1st rounder, 9th overall.... could we have picked up a desperately needed nice D prospect with that 9th rounder? I think so.
  11. So Chris Tanev is making $4.5 million a year with Calgary, Myers is making $6 million with the Canucks, and Edler, (not saying he should have been re-signed at this value) was making $6 million last year and is making $3.5 million this year. Does OEL's play indicate he is worth $7.26 million per? And don't forget, any of the above were signed without the cost of a 1st Rounder.... which OEL required.
  12. For OEL. Coyotes picked Dylan Guenther 9th overall in 2021 with Canuck's 1st round pick. I thought it was a 2022 pick... but they did it just before the 2021 draft. OEL was signed by Coyotes for 66 million for 8 years in 2018, but they retained 12% of his salary... so Canucks pay 7.26 million per year for 5 years.
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