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  1. I think people are being a little tough on Marner and Mathews. They both are extremely skilled players who work together really well. Their problem in this series was not taking the step up and battling through the physicality which Montreal threw at them. But that is probably more a reflection on the coaching than them personally. It should have been obvious whichever team played the Leafs would go for the hard shut down on these two. Sheldon Keefe should have known that, and prepared these two relatively inexperienced players. He s
  2. Oh yeah, although I am cheering for the Habs... I think the Jets have them outclassed. Toronto might choke, but Winnipeg's big forwards, very talented defense Vezina Class goaltender are going to be hard for Montreal to overcome. I would have picked the Jets to beat either Toronto or Montreal... I don't think their season point total reflected the team's potential.
  3. I just realized what should have been obvious from watching the game. Every Montreal Forward was playing like Burr. Same hustle, same forecheck, same physical play, same absolute focus on winning.
  4. Make no mistake... the Leafs have a lot more talent overall. But this came down to two factors. One was obvious... Carey Price. The other was Team Defense. Every single Montreal player bought into the system... which was play physical, disrupt the Leafs offense in the neutral zone by getting on them quickly, and JUMP JUMP JUMP on the puck... Montreal was a step faster in all these last three games. You could see the urgency in the Habs game even in their line changes... no lazy move to the bench, they were hustling to get there.
  5. I wish the best for the team, but sadly have to say, I see this as a failure reinforcing another failure. My expectation is for more underachieving. My best hope is both Benning and Green will be fired in 2023 when Benning's extension expires. However, unfortunately this team seems to be following the Oiler pattern... and it may take 10 years of failure for the penny to drop. There also may be a deeper rot... ownership may be the real problem. I will continue to cheer for the Canucks... but will reduce the time I spend following the t
  6. Its sad to say, but Edler fell off the cliff in the second half of the season... in the first half he was on par with last year. Might have been Covid or maybe simply couldn't handle a full season anymore. Still think Edler was better overall than Schmidt considering the roles he was placed in. For me Schmidt is a Meh... he would be fine as a 5/6 but I don't think his offensive talent is enough to make up for his defensive miscues. I think that is why Hamonic ended up with Hughes... he was more reliable defensively and had more grit.
  7. Is Schmidt as good a D as Myers? They are both getting 6 million. Myers played the 1/2 position... Schmidt played 3/4. I don't think Schmidt is even as good as a 35 year old Edler who played 1/2 shifts most of the year.
  8. Schmidt is costing the team 6 million a year. For what? He isn't a legitimate 3/4 in my estimation... which means he is over-priced. He was top 4 for Vegas... that's what they planned when they signed him for 6 million... but then George McPhee suddenly realized he wasn't worth it. And credit McPhee... when he makes a mistake, he looks for a way out. That's why McPhee signed Pietrangelo and was so eager to hand Schmidt over to the Canucks. If he was signed for 3.5, then he'd be well worth it... but not at 6 million.
  9. Needs some smart trading for prospects who would be a match with Hughes. That means scouring the AHL and European leagues for overlooked gems or going after 1st or 2nd year players on other teams. Unfortunately I don't have the confidence Benning can pull those trades off. He showed with the Nate Schmidt trade he over-estimated his value. Tryamkin was an obvious potential fix from outside the NHL... (although he might not have been a match with Hughes) ...we all know what happened there. The situation is the team no longer has the CAP space to a
  10. Canucks don't have a transition game... they don't have a game through the neutral zone and their entry game is 90% shoot it in with the occasional lone unsupported foray which usually ends poorly. There is no puck support after entry and no system to distribute the puck after entry. These are all Green's design... he simplifies the Canuck game to the point it is easy to predict and kill the limited offensive threats it produces. The rare chances at even strength are generated by physical play along the boards and behind the net, but those most often result
  11. This team should not spend a lot of money on a right hand D who is 32+. This team will not be a Cup Contender for a couple years and that would make an older D too old to play with the younger guys. Team needs a younger guy who can learn with Hughes. Preferably 23-25. The guys you mention are all legit... but also VERY expensive and would likely require trading one of our top six.
  12. Congratulations to Tyler... well deserved. Lets hope he gets over the injury bug and has a good next season.
  13. Demko: Not a real #1 but someone who can handle 40 games... still need a decent backup... likely will be Holtby since he probably won't be taken in the expansion draft. Hoglander: A lot of offensive talent... could be a force... potential star... critical that he gets a good coach to oversee his development. Another year of Green would be a disaster. Boeser: Showed he is not a flash in the pan.... solid scorer and puck distributor... also improved his defensive play this year. Rathbone: Pleasant surprise... handles the puck really well. Only issue is
  14. Not surprised. This ownership is too cheap to throw away his salary. He's got the remaining two years on his extension to stop with the stupid 3/4 line tinkering and throwing away draft choices on nobodies. If he doesn't then he's on the chopping block in 2022. Likely they will axe Green because his contract is up.
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