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  1. The Knights aren't what the 'experts' think they are. Their centre depth is trash, they are going to be in real hurt soon given the term of contracts they have in their cap structure and no one will forget how they treated their real goalie (Fleury). Also traded away their first round drafted players.
  2. They wont be able to live off their powerplay in the playoffs. Now if they get the level of reffing we saw in the series in the Sharks then that's different. Smith is injury and turnover prone; Koskinen would get exposed glove side high. The cup contenders can throw 4 top D at McDavid and Draisaitl for the entire series, and they still dont seem to have secondary scoring except Hyman if you can call him secondary. This is a long season, an injury to McD or Draisaitl and they are back in the lotto.
  3. PP is putrid, even Ovechkin would have a tough time trying to score with this PP setup since they cant enter the zone to begin with. Other teams have scouted it taken the Horvat option away and the one time pass to Petterson. Puck movement way too slow and no movement.
  4. Alright time to bring up the level of emotion into this game and tie er up!
  5. Relax on Halak, we wont get god like goaltending from him at his age, but new team, different system, and maybe not this game but he'll see more grade A chances against than he did in Boston.
  6. Because they ogling over Mrazek who predictably blew his groin in his first game and trying to predict how many goals Bunting would score
  7. Also positionally very sound, got pucks deep when needed. Flubbed the puck once but recovered well. Doesn't skate like most Russians but he positions himself well that he'll be fine.
  8. I haven't kept up but wouldn't Hamonic have had to pass a physical? Just a very odd situation all around. Any other form of employment you'd be fired...sometimes wish the NHL had similar contracts like the NFL. But man this team has so much buried cap over the years its insane
  9. It's why the Tanner Pearson contract was a bit of a headscratcher. Could really use that money now to shore up the D and aint no one trading for that contract. Miller and Pearson will likely have to be traded at some point to shore up the D.
  10. Turris is washed and 1.65M is too spendy, would have been better claiming Gambrell if that was the case
  11. Juolevi couldn't pivot, so he'd get beat wide with speed and strength as he didnt have a good enough stick to defend against his weakness. I don't think he'll be able to more than a fringe NHLer, but time will tell I guess. He needs someone like Willie Mitchell to teach him how to defend.
  12. He's 33, that ship sailed. He was a good teammate and slotted in well during injuries.
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