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  1. Who is scoring goals for them though? And is Monahan and top line centre is still the question. The playoffs have proven those two issues and to me they havent addressed them which is fine by me.
  2. They need to trust their young players to do other things like kill penalties. All you have to do is look at Kassian, Grabner etc. Would never in a million years been trusted to kill penalties here, but they figured it out elsewhere. Jake becomes a bigger asset if he can score 15-20+ and kill penalties, he'd probably score a goal or two shorthanded to boot. But he's a less tradeable asset being a middle six winger that doesnt do anything else.
  3. I dont know why but Vesa Toskala flashed in my mind
  4. His style of play will likely mean his body breaks down earlier. If he gets term and dollars, it will be one of those contracts that gets bought out near the end of it.
  5. But they ain't trading that, they need cap off the books. I can flip Alec at the deadline for another 2nd round pick.
  6. I'll take 1 year of Alec Martinez and a 2nd round pick for a future considerations
  7. Now time of GMJB to activate and try and take advantage of teams over the cap.
  8. Some of those long term deals Vegas has could be albatross contracts if they cant win a cup. But those tax breaks though.
  9. Aqua man probably has placed an internal cap on this team (so that he can make a certain amount of money) and given the dead cap we already have has probably further limited abilities for the canucks to take on salary.