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  1. Better off just calling it a season for the 'nucks. Why risk injury when we aren't making the playoffs. I get the whole fairness thing but really the cup aint going to be decided on whether the canucks play 56 games or not. I get there are draft ramifications, contracts to be paid and tv contracts to abide by but there's probably a way to figure that out.
  2. Would have rather Toffoli at the higher cap hit for the term, because he was always the better offensive player and has shown he can kill penalties really well. I guess this is more a signal to Bo perhaps, that he wont have a revolving door of linemates?
  3. Dont think I've seen Scheifele fight the puck as much as this period, at least 2 or 3 giveaways already. Only Lowry, Appleton and Copp line doing anything for either team, pretty choppy period.
  4. Even a 2 man advantage and i dont think we'd score. Maybe we've had 1-2 legit scoring chances this game thats it.
  5. Also why doesnt the tired dman switch sides with the long change? Myers was litterally as far from the bench as he could get. Probably should have gone to the bench and Hamonic should have stalled behind the goal.
  6. Payback for Frankie Corrado, but maybe its gearing up for a trade or finally placing a higher priced vet on waivers.
  7. He improved the Oiler PP and Buffalo's is decent as well given their top guys cant score. Heck he even had Nail Yakupov looking like a NHL player. Its on the Pegula's for not being patient enough nor making good decisions on their hires. It took forever, basically since Jim Kelly but the Bills are formidable again.
  8. At this stage he might break Mike Sillinger's NHL teams played for record. Although if he could be a Mike Sillinger type that would be found money.
  9. In Vegas they pressure the puck, in Van we go into a shell/zone type defense. That's coaching. Even Sbisa looked like a 2nd pair dman in Vegas!!!
  10. Another one of those players that was good at the WJC, crazy Galchenyuk dropped as far as he has. Guess he hasnt been committed enough, remember when Montreal media kept asking if he'd play centre and Bergevin and Julien both kept saying he's a winger.
  11. Not even sure what Ratchuck was trying to do at the end, messed up slamming the bench door on his teammates and then flubbed the water bottle toss
  12. Kinda Cam Ward style. But can't blame the Pens, he was unworldly in those playoffs.
  13. There is a reason why our D constantly get injured, its because of style of play and playing some sort of zone defense. You cant get the puck back until a minute and a half in your own zone where you either ice it our flip in in their air to centre ice rush off to get a line change only to get hemmed in for another shift.
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