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  1. Ceci 4 years @ 3.25 seems like it would be high risk buyout candidate
  2. Probably dictated by the Kraken, plus other teams via trade. No way they thought Driedger was going to be their #1, and there was no guarantee they'd get a #1 in free agency.
  3. I guess they are going after Keumper? Nah Dubas loves his forwards must be Landeskog lol
  4. This was inevitable given the team cant possibly afford 4 x 6 million+ defensemen with none of them being of the shut down variety. 3 x 6million+ defensemen is more palatable especially without having a legit #1 dman that can play all situations. Hopefully we can find some value contracts now on the D, goaltending and Forward to fill out the rest of the roster.
  5. Some decent D available on the available list, maybe GMJB can swing a deal for one of them i.e. Jake Bean even though he's left shot
  6. Some decent D available on the available list, maybe GMJB can swing a deal for one of them i.e. Jake Bean even though he's left shot
  7. MTL has a boatload of picks for this years draft, they may already have a deal in place with the Kraken. Although you'd think if there was a deal in place, it wouldnt matter who was exposed. Maybe they wanted to troll the media a bit, given they werent given a chance in any of their series.
  8. So media trying to drum up interest to get an asset for Hyman. There are other similar type players available as UFA, maybe not with similar offensive ability or numbers as Hyman but are also likely cheaper. Martinook, McGinn, Janmark, Goodrow, Coleman etc. etc. No reason to pay an asset to have negotiating rights unless there is already a deal on the table so to speak.
  9. The Oilers spent what little cap they had available before knowing what was available on the market. This trade could have waited until before the season really, they werent competing against anyone. An off year or an injury to McDavid or Draisaitl and the Oilers are in the lottery again.
  10. It would have to be retained dollars and draft capital for the canucks to even consider. At least then the canucks can use the draft capital as currency to send a bad contract in a trade.
  11. That 2015 first round looking back is not good at all. You could argue their 2nd round picks outperformed their 1st'. Makes it even worse when you look at the picks from the first round after their trio.
  12. Well there were those odd stories true or not from Boston and Calgary that teammates didn't get along with him, he's just a different dude.
  13. Crazy how Van and Min took VGK to 7 games just playing defending hockey getting outshot by miles. Maybe MTL has to adopt that too.
  14. There was a couple years where everyone thought he was washed, when he couldnt stop a beachball. Also Murray took over for him in the playoffs.
  15. Because they got him for free by promising to not take Vatanen or Manson during the expansion draft
  16. Brings back the Cloutier years. Sakic unwilling to part with an asset for a bonafide goalie even if they play as a 1B as insurance.
  17. After they basically won the lottery moving up to that #2 pick. But really he was a consensus 1/2 overall by the pundits. Frosty as a #3C would be a better fit than Patrick
  18. Whether guilty or not guilty, the issue is that Jake continues to put himself in these types of situations. I get this could have happened to anyone on the team and that the allegation against Jake dates back to 2017 but it continues to show his lack of commitment to hockey and to make himself a better player. He's lost potential millions in earnings because of it. Wonder if his contract has a clause that allows the Canucks to terminate his contract? I guess if they did they would have done it by now? Or are they hoping to expose him in the expansion draft and if not picked t
  19. Jets looked completely gassed, that or they just dont have enough speed which is weird because of who they played in the first round.
  20. Still think its worthy of an overnight hospital visit for ongoing observation. Just never know, dont want the guy to have a seizure or internal bleed etc. Does the MTS centre have a CT/MRI etc in building?
  21. I'd say yes, unless there is a trade in the works. Because it doesnt help the current makeup of the team.
  22. LMAO now they likely go back to the Atlantic Division, gotta get through Lightning, Bruins and up and coming Panthers. This year was tailored for them and they crashed and burned hard.
  23. Goaltending might be the difference, hoping Grubauer doesn't get injured and can match Flower. Want Avs in 6.
  24. Want to see MIN win and then get dismantled/crushed by COL Mad props to Talbot though, after getting his confidence crushed by Alberta, he's rebuilt his career. Didnt think it was possible to be honest.
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