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  1. We will never see Girardi win the Norris. Same goes for Edler. If either even get a third place vote I'd be ecstatic. It's rather unfortunate that the award has almost been deteriorated to "defenseman with the most points" award but that's the way she goes. I'm still appalled how many people think Byfuglien deserves consideration, even though it's quite clear he's not even the best defensively on his team.

    My picks have been unconventional and somewhat controversial (intended... to spark some conversation) but hopefully I've shown enough that the logic seems sound (if you've managed to plow throw all those words).


    True. Although if Mike Green can't win a Norris, neither will Byfuglien (hopefully), so I don't think we have anything to worry about. :lol:

  2. Props to you for bringing up a few interesting/off-the-board candidates, but I can't say I agree with you on most of your picks. Couture and Kesler are very reasonable choices for the Calder and Selke respectively, but I highly doubt we'll see Dan Girardi picking up the Norris at the end of the year (he has been VERY solid though).

  3. First of all remove two of the defensemen from your list. Are you aware of how often defensemen win the Calder? Like 10 out or 77... that equals 13%. And just 3 in the last 20 years. But you're putting D-men in the top two spots and giving them 60% of the overall list. I don't think so. At the least you should replace Calrson with Seguin/Eberle.

    I was waiting for a post like this.

    Yeah, you're right. Defensemen rarely win the award. However, if I go ahead and list all the candidates that everyone's listing, will anyone care if I'm right? No, not really. If I go off the board a little and pick someone that no one is really expecting, and they end up winning, I'll look like a genius. :P

    Everyone's going with the sexy and more likely picks in Hall, Seguin, Eberle, etc., but I don't feel the need nor do I believe strongly enough that they will win.


    Good point, forgot about Boychuk. Definitely someone to look out for, but I'm not sure if I'd replace him with anyone on my top-5 currently.


    I'm a little worried about Filatov. Very talented player, but I lost some respect for him last season. If he struggles and loses ice-time, will he flee to Russia again? Might have been Hitchcock's inability to work with younger players, but he's a little too risky for me. Good suggestion though.

    @Asian Player:

    Already answered.

  4. I think it will be between Subban, Hall and either Eberle or Hodgson.

    I could see both Eberle and Hodgson earning more playing time as they go this season. With Eberle playing centre on the topline with Hall and Hemsky and Hodgson starting on the Kesler line with Burrows injured.

    You do make a good case for McBain though I kind of forgot about him, as I'm sure a few other western based fans did.

    If Eberle moves to center, I agree with you. I was just going under the assumption that he would stick as a RW.

    As for Hodgson, it's hard to say. I don't think he'll be slotted in to the top-6 at the beginning of the season unless he has an incredible training camp, even with Burrows on the shelf. We'll just have to wait and see I guess, and if Hodgson ends up having a Calder-worthy season, I'll happily eat crow. :P

    I thought when I clicked the link to this blog it would be filled with Canuck Homerism but am quite pleasantly surprised. An individual who puts forth an opinion that is pretty reasonable and thought out! Very rare on CDC..

    Thanks! :D

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