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  1. A Roman walks into a bar, holds two fingers up, and says "Five beers, please"...

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    2. TimberWolf
    3. TimberWolf


      When you drop Roman off park in a way that blocks his door. It's funny to watch him say "bye cousin!" then punch you out your door so he can leave.

    4. Tortorella's Rant
  2. Meh. Benning knew when to sell high on Seguin; this is no different. Have some faith, people.

    1. lee goren rulez69

      lee goren rulez69

      this is satire right

    2. Intoewsables


      Of course not. I've been Benning's biggest fan since day 1.

  3. saw you creeping my profile homie

  4. Is not the internet the same as a fart?

  5. Toronto team is up 3 late in the game hmm what could possibly go wrong

    1. milk and honey

      milk and honey

      flash backs of game 7 vs bruins

    2. The Weasel
    3. Intoewsables


      apparently nothing

  6. Every right handed goalie that ever plays for us will be compared to Tyler Moss.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Matt Violin begs to differ!

  7. Jim Benning is an inside job

  8. RIP Straight up lazy

    1. UMB


      It's honestly not bad! Still prefer capgeek though.

    2. Intoewsables


      Nothing can replace capgeek, but this seems like a pretty decent attempt.

  9. why are man buns a thing

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    2. Chalky


      Apparently they make men go bald...but not fast enough.

    3. JohnLocke


      Because hipsters

    4. Intoewsables


      @Chalky: Amen.

  10. What kind of dirtbag professor schedules a final exam during a playoff game?

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    2. Newsflash


      ^^^That's what she said.

    3. The Magician

      The Magician

      Or give a full load :D

    4. HowYaDrouin


      @Brad, my prof apologized on the first day of class about it, so i'll give him a break on my end. He didn't even realize they could give exams on a saturday.

  11. MacT has already written off next year as a "development year"? Hahahaha.

    1. HerrDrFunk


      At least he's being realistic!

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Automatically converts to Tiger Woods PGA tour once the playoffs start.

    2. Mimerez


      lol "Tambellini locks up 40 year-old goalie to a long term contract"

    3. AppleJack
  12. thank mr skeltal

    1. VICanucksfan5551


      good bones and calcium to you

    2. Intoewsables
    3. Intoewsables







  13. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ HORVAT'S NO OTIS BUT HE'LL DO ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    1. Otis




  14. Bo Horvat and the Seven Dwarfs

  15. whats a horvat

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      It's the suit you put on if there's a chemical spill.

  16. _(:0 」∠)_

    1. Master 112

      Master 112

      ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

    2. Intoewsables


      Why is the face censored tbh

    3. Master 112

      Master 112

      Some kind of discrimination, I take it. It's Aboriginal syllabary. http://i.imgur.com/szLZvUP.png

  17. tfw you leave your car for two minutes and get a parking ticket

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    2. Grapefruits


      moral of story: pay for parking

    3. Intoewsables


      ^ You just changed my life, dude.

    4. Grapefruits


      just trying to make the world a better place

  18. It's not a party until someone breaks out the Mike's Hard and my favourite Pitbull song comes on the radio.

    1. Kazmanian Devil

      Kazmanian Devil

      Wow, you don't F around

    2. Kryten


      There is a party in my pants and you're invited.

    3. Intoewsables
  19. Pitbull is the songbird of our generation

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    2. Beluga Whale

      Beluga Whale

      His voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.

    3. Kazmanian Devil

      Kazmanian Devil

      Who is better: Pitbull or Flo Rida

    4. Tigs


      Flo Rida, because he's also a state.

  20. RIP Luciferase. Too young.

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    2. PlayStation


      Pls be perma. Have fun with BertuzziBabe.

    3. Buddhas Hand

      Buddhas Hand

      Sad to hear this.

    4. BananaMash


      RIP Spoderman too

  21. ron delorme: best canuck scout ever?

  22. Ain't no party like an S Club party

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    2. Kryten


      Toews = mafia. Don't listen to him Burr.

    3. HashtagNucks


      How can I not trust you now!

    4. Intoewsables


      Don't listen to Kryten. He's just jealous.

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