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  1. It's possible that Zfetch is scum and wasn't around to submit a kill. Maybe. 3 scum just seems a bit light for a 15 player game on CDC.
  2. Making a note for myself to go back and look at any interactions between [NIK, TL, Qwags]. They've all been inactive as &^@# but still worth a look. If anyone feels like updating the vote counts from the previous 2 nights with Qwags marked in red, that would be appreciated too. Vote Qwags
  3. J23 is almost certainly town if SS is town. Zfetch probably inactive scum. I think I'm okay with Otis because of the TL vote. Bussing is possible here but I'm fine with ignoring it for now. Flip a coin between Zfetch and SS today?
  4. I'm thinking the scum team is either super inactive, or NIK/Sharpshooter was indeed W/W (or both, I guess). If SS is town, the scum could have easily saved NIK by swinging the vote to SS -- unless most of the team was MIA.
  5. Still thinking our last 1-2 scum are in [Sharpshooter, Aladeen, Zfetch, Otis].
  6. I guess MR's claim being a joke means there's (probably?) only one tracker out there, but I'd still bet on 4 scum.
  7. 3 scum in a 15 player game seems small, especially if we have multiple trackers. I would assume 4 scum. Also I'm 99% sure MR's claim was a joke.
  8. Right, I'm trying to convince others to jump to SS and using your posts as a springboard. And yeah, a NIK flip still tells us quite a bit so I'm fine with that too. I just think it's our second best choice tonight.
  9. I feel like both of these statements also apply to Sharpie though, and NIK hasn't had anywhere near as many scummy posts.
  10. I'm a lot more confident in SS being scum than NIK so I hope some of you reconsider.
  11. Yeah, there are basically three possibilities. 1) SS and NIK are both scum and the entire team is frozen right now. 2) The scum team is just super inactive. 3) We're not even close to solving this game and the scum are sitting back and laughing at us. I'd probably rank them in exactly that order in terms of how likely they are, but that doesn't mean #3 isn't a legit possibility.
  12. Nvm, I think it was (and is) tied. It's been a long day and reading is hard. Whatever. You guys know what to do from here.
  13. Wait, he's not even leading the vote count... NIK is. wat
  14. Did Sharpie think round 2 ended tonight and flipped out when he realized he was leading the vote count? Nothing else justifies that kind of response.
  15. First of all, I was the one who started the wagon on you so it's kinda weird that you're piling on MR. This post is basically confscum but please do share how MR saying he "thinks SS is scummy" and will "sit on that vote" is some master stroke of manipulation to get us to mislynch you.
  16. No interest in yeeting right now: [Me, luckylager, Master Radishes, Tanev, Time Lord?] Meh: [Qwags, BoKnows, NIK] Inactives/spectators on last lynch: [Otis, Zfetch, Aladeen] Chopping block: [Sharpshooter, AV] Time Lord is kinda straddling that line between no yeet and meh, and NIK could end up in the chopping block if I decide it's worthwhile to resolve his flip. If NIK flips scum, AV's probably his teammate. If he flips town, we probably have a good chunk of the scum team in that inactives block.
  17. I always feel really uncomfortable when we're on the same page about virtually everything. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING? But yeah this is a good post and I agree with everything here.
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