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  1. [Sharpshooter, Zfetch, Aladeen] would be great so I don't have to yeet my dear friend Otis. <3 Okay, that's probably it for me tonight. Someone do something interesting by the time I get back.
  2. Actually, I'll just vote Sharpshooter for now since I think he's acting well within his scum meta. I keep going back and forth on whether it's worth it to resolve NIK this round, and currently my head's at no.
  3. Yeah, I have no appetite to do this unless we get new information about one of them. But hey, I'm all ears if you want to expand on why you feel this way.
  4. I think I'm pretty good with a NIK or Sharpshooter lynch if nothing else changes this round. Not that I'm reading NIK one way or the other right now, but if he flips town, I think it's very likely that the scum were happy to hang back off-wagon and let us do their work for them. I'll touch on who I think is scum in that scenario later on. Also, FWIW, the Melvin kill obviously seems quite weird. I ISO'd him and the only thing I can spot that could be a reason is him (jokingly?) going after Zfetch and Aladeen early on. It's lame but the inactives are probably a good PoE right now. [Aladeen (sorry, I saw your post earlier and hope you feel better soon!), Zfetch, Otis, Sharpshooter] almost certainly has a scum in it, and I'd bet good money that there's more than one there if NIK is town.
  5. How are we supposed to collect our free rep if we yeet falcon? Come on guys, use your heads.
  6. Are people still voting for NIK as a joke or do you actually want to see him hang tonight?
  7. falcon is active enough that I'm okay with letting him live for now, just in case my radar is malfunctioning.
  8. I'm fairly confident that lucky is town. Time Lord hasn't said much but I'm fine with him for now. I like MR so far as well, but I also have this weird feeling he's trying to pocket me. unvote; vote falcon45ca Let's see where this takes us.
  9. There have been a couple of interactions between falcon and BK that ping me as scum/scum interactions, but I'm worried I might be tunneling too hard on falcon, and I had a hard scum read on BK last time we played together and he ended up being town. I don't know if there's a point to this post; just sharing something that crossed my mind.
  10. How do you have a PoE of like 1/3 of the players already? Explain yourself.
  11. My foolproof method has helped me deduce that Time Lord is our first mafia. Vote Time Lord like/comment/subscribe for more impeccable reads
  12. Someone other than falcon or Sharpshooter make an argument as to why Tanev's VT comment is a slip. Go.
  13. Random thoughts after quickly catching up on the thread: falcon's posts keep rubbing me the wrong way. I still can't pinpoint why but I guess it just feels like he's trying so hard to fit in. Tanev's whole VT thing feels NAI to me. I can buy that Kaz gave him pointers before the game and may have used vanilla town a lot in their discussions. Also like how he's responded to taking some heat, though I'll admit it's possible he was coached to do this. While I'm on the whole Tanev/VT thing, I should mention that he feels like a pretty easy wagon for the mafia to push on day 1. Not surprised that falcon was the one to pounce here. I need someone to explain the NIK wagon.
  14. Just kinda for now. You still have time to fix it.
  15. Kinda feels like falcon is trying too hard to seem towny tbh.
  16. SERIOUS POST: lucky is giving me good vibes so far.
  17. I say we just yeet the radish and get it over with.
  18. I have developed a foolproof method for detecting mafia and I will be putting it to the test immediately
  19. Can't promise much activity but I also can't say no.
  20. This is either incredible satire or I've found Jimbo's sock puppet account.
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