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  1. Hey, that's basically my motto! If I'm right about you, I'm smart. If I'm wrong about you, you're bad.
  2. I don't trust anyone who town reads me this early
  3. legitimately getting some weird vibes from BJ but I can't explain why
  4. If sheriff hits scum with their investigation, they should reveal it right before nightfall tbh.
  5. It's pretty easy to get into the HHOF in EHM. If you're a first line/top pairing/starting goalie for a decent period of time, you're probably getting in.
  6. The final update is on the site. Thanks to everyone for playing! In case anyone's curious, here are the potentials for all of our players. Name Potential Jovan Camper 172 Leo Dos Santos 174 Andrei Suppressnikov 173 Spoilt Bratt 195 Frank Ketchup 190 Barney "Forest" Hudson 192 Bob Ross 153 Joachim Ohman Silwerfeldt 180 Tomas Travnik 153 Xavie
  7. The following players have announced their retirement: Clarke Desrosiers (@kj29) Jovan Camper Spoilt Bratt (@luckylager) Vanya Barbindamousse (@Zfetch) Crabby Siren (@Crabby) I'll post the final update shortly.
  8. In a normal draft year, anyone with 1200 GP would be considered to have a lot more than a "less than stellar" career.
  9. Joachim Ohman Silwerfeldt (@Tanev) has announced his retirement.
  10. Leo Dos Santos has announced his retirement. Joachim Ohman Silwerfeldt appears to be considering retirement.
  11. The latest update is on the site. Congratulations to Leo Dos Santos on winning the Stanley Cup!
  12. Cole Samson (@Go Faulk Yourself) and Robert Stano (@Alain Vigneault) have announced their retirement.
  13. Pirmin Walker (@UMB) has announced his retirement.
  14. Tomas Travnik (@Patrick Kane), Barney "Forest" Hudson (@GoCanucks16), and Pakiam Brandon Ali II (@Vrienzy) have announced their retirement. Pirmin Walker appears to be mulling retirement.
  15. Latest update is on the site (two seasons). Congratulations to Jovan Camper on winning the Stanley Cup!
  16. Tomas Travnik has announced that he will retire at the end of next season.
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