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  1. You hit the nail on the head. Benning is a scout by nature, that's his strength and always has been. Its obvious that his trades and signings haven't panned out as well as everyone has hoped. In other words, he tends to gain value for the team by doing great draft day only for him to subsequently lose value in trades and signings. This pattern causes us to stagnate as a team. Instead, why not make trades that allows Benning to play on the field that he's a master at and acquire picks? That way, he can eventually increase the teams value over time.
  2. He still appears to make low percentage plays at times (Makes poor angle shots as compared to a pass), his hockey IQ could use some work. However, he's starting to look more noticeable on the ice (Although its only been a few games) . Having said that, He's still the physical beast he was projected to be with an amazing shot, tremendous speed and boy can he hit. He has clearly improved. Unfortunately, this new level of game play has only been noticeable from a small portion of games and so we have a small sample size to work with. Will he maintain this consistency to eventually become a to
  3. I agree. I would love to be proven wrong more by Jake
  4. Agreed. Its entirely possible that these are only flashes of brilliance from a man who has lots of potential but still hasn't shown enough consistency to be a top 6 winger.
  5. Its weird but I never thought their chemistry would be this good.
  6. IDK guys, him being a first liner might be a stretch. He's more likely to be a high tier second liner IMO or fringe first. At the worst, a very good 3rd line scorer.
  7. Well because the thread is so quiet heres my honest opinion on Jake. His intensity and tenacity is terrific. Holy hell the way this kid hits is insane. His speed and power are grerat. His shot is amazing and he has tremendous upside. Had his passing skills and hockey IQ been better he should have been taken first overall in the draft. He has the potential to be the future face of the franchise The problem: He's being rushed. When a player needs to develop hockey senses and a few finer skills in the game, you send that player down to your farm team. He'd probably rip the AHL up o
  8. Recent play doesn't dictate your ability to teach. The best coaches in the NHL have never seen top line minutes, but their ability to see and teach the game is very relevant. Just because a vet has been playing poorly doesn't mean he can't accelerate somebody's learning curve. It doesn't work that way.
  9. Well assuming I'm correct then you should probably ask that question to Jim Benning. I'm not the one making the calculations for growth here, Benning is. Although it probably has a lot to do with him being able to get tips and pointers from vets, have our management team keep an eye on him and for him to understand what is expected of him in the NHL.
  10. I think the problem is that Benning has to choose whether to develop this guy in the juniors or the NHL when in reality JVs best learning curve per game is most likely in the AHL which hes too young for. JB probably does want to have Jake grow as much as possible but calculated that he'll do his best growth in the NHL where its easier to keep an eye on him. I'm sure if Virtanen were allowed, he'd be placed there. Its too bad that it isn't an option right now.
  11. The stats don't indicate that he is NHL ready yet and I'm not sure if he'll really improve at the NHL level if this keeps up. Even if Virtanen is in my opinion expected to eventually be better than Horvat and Mccann in the long run, the problem is that his power forward style takes a while to properly develop to the point where it is NHL ready. Theres no point in rushing this kid, I say that he can stay at the Junior level for now to practice his skills. He's 19 he's got a lot of time to improve on what is expected of him. I think that in the long run, things would be better if he stayed
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