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  1. Now that the draft is history, the respective teams would be wise to practice skills leading into the preseason in september getting immunized from covid-19 now means a safer time at the arena to cheer the canuck on
  2. He should be fine as NHL teams should be earning lots of pesos with ticket sales in the fall and beyond
  3. Hard to say how many players will be grabbed from the Canucks. The Golden Knights spent an insane about of money in their fist year. I do not think the Kraken backers are that rich but I suspect they can try to fit into the salary cap properly. Canucks need to focus more on their own needs looking forward. Canucks need more 6'4" forwards to be able to keep the puck in the net and rack up more points.
  4. Vegan

    next year

    I figure the Canucks would be advantaged with more 6'4" players who can outmuscle the rival players
  5. Vegan

    next year

    i have been noticing that bigger players are needed to get anywhere in the playoffs, probably not a bad idea for some goons to firm up the lines
  6. Vegan

    next year

    Vancouver was 24th overall, they have to do better if they want 1/2 a chance in the playoffs
  7. Vegan

    next year

    hopefully next fall will be more normal and that hockey can return to some semblance of normality with the stands fill with fans this year the canucks got out of sync with covid-19 and fell back several games so come playoffs no chance so this coming season I am hoping the team can learn from the experience and step up to play better hockey
  8. Vegan

    17/22 sick

    with 17/22 down with COVID-19 there are not even enough left to do the opening faceoff let alone last 30 seconds in play COVID-19 messes up about 1/3 who get it bad which means trades are worthless so calling up more players seems to be the in the cards
  9. vancouver at least has some wiggle room for hiring somebody
  10. Clearly the Canucks was not prepared for the Golden Knights onslaught. I suspect the team will be able to get a better handle on them in game 2.
  11. Confirmed deaths: 243,540. Confirmed cases: 3,525,116. The bodies are not piling up as fast mostly due to under reporting and self quarantine efforts. Expect to see problems like spectator sports and more large groups become a thing of the past. Hockey will probably change to be more of a televised sport with a lot less cash coming in.
  12. Sutter should make a fine addition to the team. His experience will be valuable as he can help the younger players learn how things work better.
  13. what is with the hostility to the Vancouver word with the Canucks? They team is here to stay so what is the problem??? I have a few jerseys in the closet I use in winter to keep warm with
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