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  1. Activation: Caps activate Mathieu Olivier and assign him to the AHL.
  2. Activation: Washington Capitals activate Zack Kassian and place him on the NHL roster.
  3. Assignment: Chase Priskie back to AHL
  4. Call up: Caps call Chase Priskie to nhl
  5. Pending IR announcements... Re-call: Caps call Arttu Ruotsalainen to NHL.
  6. Barring any last minute changes here is Washington's opening night roster: Assign: Caps assign Arttu Ruotsalainen to AHL. Re-call: Caps re-call Andrej Sekera and Mark Friedman to NHL. Lineup: Verhaeghe- Scheifele - Laine Killorn - Kuznetsov - Nylander Copp - Wennberg - Kassian Engvall - Dowd - Vesalainen Simmonds Ellis - Klingberg Gudas - Holl Dermott - Sekera Friedman Toews (will place on IR as soon as eligible) Grubauer Hutton
  7. Assignment: The Washington Capitals assign Andrej Sekera to the AHL (waivers currently not in effect) Room opens up cap space to.... Match offer to Ruotsalainen
  8. Washington matches @canuck2xtreme assign Ruotsalainen to AHL
  9. If teams are offer sheeting my players I highly suggest you try to negotiate a trade instead. Unless your goal is not to get the player but instead just to jam me into a higher salary for my player...
  10. Assignment: The Washington Capitals assign Sami Niku and Simon Ryfors to our AHL affiliate.
  11. I imagine that fans in Washington are pretty disappointed after losing some really valuable performers to free agency. We do we feel like we found some vets that will come in and play important minutes for us instead. We still love our forward group even without Nazem Kadri who was a big part of our team last year. Obviously our defence got hit pretty hard this offseason but we managed to lock up a piece we have highly coveted in Justin Holl for some time now so we are pretty excited about that. Training camp will be more competitive this year than it has been for a few and I imagine lots of players are going to get looks in our lineup this year. We are excited about some of the players that we locked up that have played at a high levels outside of the NHL. We are still continuing to explore all possibilities as we continue to fill-out our organizational depth chart and hope that we once again have a group that can make a genuine run at the coveted CDCGML cup. Thank you to all you members that continue to make this the best fantasy hockey league in the world.
  12. Ouch. This one will definitely be a tough one to swallow. We did everything we could to keep Keith in a Capitals uniform but sometimes that is just not enough. I remember in 2010 when I first took the job here in Washington the roster was led by Patrik Elias, Alexander Semin, Roman Hamrlik, Keith Yandle and Miikka Kiprusoff. Together we took what was a non-playoff team and quickly changed the culture to make us a worthy opponent in the Eastern Conference. In 2011 at the end of my first season Yandle won the CDCGML Norris Trophy as the Caps shocked the league and won the division. In 2012 as the 7th seed the Caps went on a heroic underdog run where we went to the CDCGML finals and slightly fell short to the LA Kings. Yandle was a major contributor for us with 9 points in 16 playoff games that season. Year after year Yandle continued to defy odds and continuously produce as one of the leagues most productive dmen under our scoring format. The most astounding part of this stretch was probably his iron man streak. The man did not miss a single regular season game during my entire 11 year duration as General Manager and even played 84 games during the 2014-15 season; just remarkable. Keith will be truly missed for what he has brought to our organization for such a long time. In Washington he won a Norris, made the finals, and even won a Presidents Trophy. They only thing we weren't able to accomplish together was a Stanley Cup championship. We are forever grateful for the services of one of the all-time great Washington Capitals soldiers. We wish him the best in Anaheim where @AndreLePlum now officially has our second favourite team in the league.
  13. Hey, so I have a question for the agents. Last season I started negotiations with a player and @canuck2xtreme rejected and left the conversation. If I want to approach the player again does C2X remain his agent or can I invite a new agent into the old conversation? I don't want to get charged with tampering so I want to make sure I don't accidentally break any rules.
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