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  1. Activation: Washington Capitals activate Zack Kassian and place him on the NHL roster.
  2. Pending IR announcements... Re-call: Caps call Arttu Ruotsalainen to NHL.
  3. Barring any last minute changes here is Washington's opening night roster: Assign: Caps assign Arttu Ruotsalainen to AHL. Re-call: Caps re-call Andrej Sekera and Mark Friedman to NHL. Lineup: Verhaeghe- Scheifele - Laine Killorn - Kuznetsov - Nylander Copp - Wennberg - Kassian Engvall - Dowd - Vesalainen Simmonds Ellis - Klingberg Gudas - Holl Dermott - Sekera Friedman Toews (will place on IR as soon as eligible) Grubauer Hutton
  4. Assignment: The Washington Capitals assign Andrej Sekera to the AHL (waivers currently not in effect) Room opens up cap space to.... Match offer to Ruotsalainen
  5. Washington matches @canuck2xtreme assign Ruotsalainen to AHL
  6. If teams are offer sheeting my players I highly suggest you try to negotiate a trade instead. Unless your goal is not to get the player but instead just to jam me into a higher salary for my player...
  7. Assignment: The Washington Capitals assign Sami Niku and Simon Ryfors to our AHL affiliate.
  8. I imagine that fans in Washington are pretty disappointed after losing some really valuable performers to free agency. We do we feel like we found some vets that will come in and play important minutes for us instead. We still love our forward group even without Nazem Kadri who was a big part of our team last year. Obviously our defence got hit pretty hard this offseason but we managed to lock up a piece we have highly coveted in Justin Holl for some time now so we are pretty excited about that. Training camp will be more competitive this year than it has been for a few and I imagine lots of players are going to get looks in our lineup this year. We are excited about some of the players that we locked up that have played at a high levels outside of the NHL. We are still continuing to explore all possibilities as we continue to fill-out our organizational depth chart and hope that we once again have a group that can make a genuine run at the coveted CDCGML cup. Thank you to all you members that continue to make this the best fantasy hockey league in the world.
  9. Ouch. This one will definitely be a tough one to swallow. We did everything we could to keep Keith in a Capitals uniform but sometimes that is just not enough. I remember in 2010 when I first took the job here in Washington the roster was led by Patrik Elias, Alexander Semin, Roman Hamrlik, Keith Yandle and Miikka Kiprusoff. Together we took what was a non-playoff team and quickly changed the culture to make us a worthy opponent in the Eastern Conference. In 2011 at the end of my first season Yandle won the CDCGML Norris Trophy as the Caps shocked the league and won the division. In 2012 as the 7th seed the Caps went on a heroic underdog run where we went to the CDCGML finals and slightly fell short to the LA Kings. Yandle was a major contributor for us with 9 points in 16 playoff games that season. Year after year Yandle continued to defy odds and continuously produce as one of the leagues most productive dmen under our scoring format. The most astounding part of this stretch was probably his iron man streak. The man did not miss a single regular season game during my entire 11 year duration as General Manager and even played 84 games during the 2014-15 season; just remarkable. Keith will be truly missed for what he has brought to our organization for such a long time. In Washington he won a Norris, made the finals, and even won a Presidents Trophy. They only thing we weren't able to accomplish together was a Stanley Cup championship. We are forever grateful for the services of one of the all-time great Washington Capitals soldiers. We wish him the best in Anaheim where @AndreLePlum now officially has our second favourite team in the league.
  10. Hey, so I have a question for the agents. Last season I started negotiations with a player and @canuck2xtreme rejected and left the conversation. If I want to approach the player again does C2X remain his agent or can I invite a new agent into the old conversation? I don't want to get charged with tampering so I want to make sure I don't accidentally break any rules.
  11. @canuck2xtreme The conditions on my Buffalo 3rd round pick can be removed. No rush just a heads up
  12. Very happy we managed to come to terms with two long tenured Caps before free agency. Radko and Zack bring physicality, leadership and energy to our roster.
  13. Any word on this? @canuck2xtreme I am still writing up some RFA offers and wouldn't want to dump them all on you if I could split them up evenly between a few of you.
  14. Rumour: Washington has come to agreements with two more of their pending UFA's. For those who want an opportunity to negotiate with our remaining pending free agents their rights are available for trade. Inquire within.
  15. The Washington Capitals have had an active start to the offseason with Free Agency now coming up around the corner. We caught up with da.moose to discuss some of the moves he's made as well as what we should expect moving forward. Trade for Philip Grubauer: Goaltending was a position we wanted to solidify this offseason. We didn't love any of the names in free agency so we opted to make a trade for a player that had a great season and to us comes with a high enough floor this season that we felt comfortable buying low on the upside. Trade for Kristian Vesalainen: Our two primary targets went before we had a chance to pick. We were happy to acquire a prospect that we think will see some NHL time this year and has the size and athleticism to compete with our bottom six wingers for time. Re-signing Devon Toews: This was a deal we agreed upon pre trade deadline and we were thrilled to sign it. Toews has progressed year after year since he signed with us out of Quinnipiac University and has truly become one of our best all around players. We are very happy to have him locked up as part of our core as we look towards the future. Losing Matt Grzelcyk to Expansion: Losing Matt is definitely a blow. He has developed really nicely for us and signed with Seattle for a very manageable price. We think Greens got a really effective new school defensemen from us. We thank him for his time and wish him all the best. Re-signing Nic Dowd, Wayne Simmonds & Travis Dermott: Bringing back some depth to fill out the lineup gives us a little less to worry about it free agency. Dowd was actually developed here and came back on a one year deal last season. We liked his play and think he brings a lot as a penalty killer and face-off specialist on the 4th line at a fair deal. Simmonds still brings toughness and skill to our bottom six. It's always great to have some vets that you know are playing for a cup more than anything at this point. Dermott has the tool box and we are hoping that we can work together to progress his game in Washington. Plans for Moving Forward: We are still in talks with a few pending free agents that have earned the right to test the markets. We have always been loyal to our players who have devoted themselves to our organization and would much prefer to bring back players that can still play their role at a high level. We have always believed that there is a human element to running an organization and want to make sure players feel like Washington is an organization with a high level of integrity. With that being said, if players want to test the open market our main goal shifts to ensuring we are not left in the dust and that we have the personnel in place that we feel can win us a cup this season.
  16. Hey guys, I've tried to catch myself up on the current conflict and I definitely feel we all need to take a breath and slow down if possible. Mental illness is a serious issue and is an issue within my family that has affected me for a long time. I think the fact that @Primal Optimist who has been a long time and valued member has admitted too suffering from some mental illness symptoms is reason that we should all take extra consideration into this situation and try to have a little extra empathy. Anyone who has been in the league for a long time knows the great value that he brings to the league as the GM of the New York Rangers and would agree that losing him would be a huge blow to the CDCGML. If this can be sorted out please reconsider after you take some time man. @theminister I understand your frustration for being accused for something that you didn't do. I can assure you that I can relate to the frustration that comes with being in such a position because I have been there more times than you can imagine. However, whether or not your actions that clearly upset @Primal Optimist were intentional I want to once again raise the often misunderstood issue that is mental illness. Sometimes reactions like this can be related to certain conditions. Whether or not this is one of those cases I am uncertain of but I think that we can all try to deal with the issue a little more calmly and empathetically if possible. @canuck2xtreme I hope we can take the unique situation into consideration and use it as a learning experience. I truly hope that @Primal Optimist has the opportunity to reclaim his team that he has put so much time into building and is welcomed back openly if he so chooses stay. I reiterate that mental illness can be a complicated issue and life doesn't always come easy to those affected by it. I feel like our community here in the CDCGML can take the opportunity to embrace our differences and make sure all our valued members feel heard and appreciated because we have lost too many good GM's who have felt neglected or under appreciated over the years. Weather or not that is warranted is a matter of opinion but I truly hope we can use this conflict as a learning experience and figure out how to sort out these issues in a way that we don't lose great people and in turn make the league better and more inclusive. Cheers.
  17. Washington has the 92nd overall pick Listening to offers. Open to prospects, depth NHLers, 2022 picks, trading down + adding a 2022 pick, Try me.
  18. Hey guys, still taking offers on my 3rd round pick. Likely looking for a bubble NHL/AHL player who is not waiver eligible.
  19. Same goes for Dylan Wells on Edmonton. One ECHL game in 2017-18 allowed him to meet exposure requirements.
  20. Unfortunately because Ferguson is part of the Vegas organization in real life we can't check his exposure eligibility on Cap Friendly. However, Felix Sandstrom of the Philadelphia Flyers meets exposure requirements according to Cap Friendly. Sandstrom's first "professional season" was in 2018-19 when he only played one AHL game. To me, this means that Ferguson should also meet exposure requirements.
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