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  1. @canuck2xtreme please place on main roster pending IR request
  2. But but OEL is on a massive decline much like JT Miller when we acquired him!
  3. A team with McDavid, Josi, Seth Jones and Price is going to tank?
  4. Based on our current roster, it appears like we have our puck moving dmen on the left side with more defensive guys on the right. Should one of our top 3LD go down (knock on wood), Hunt would slot right in. I wouldn't want him as a regular, but as a fill in playing limited 3rd pair minutes, he would be just fine much like most of those names you brought up. I would peg Hunt as more of a Biega type.
  5. Hunt would be fine as a fill in. Have Brisebois in the system once he overcomes whatever injury he has. Any major injury to a key player on any team and position will be a challenge to fill. Having Rathbone is a solid option if (knock on wood) either of the top 2 go down. RD is tougher as the depth we have are decent bottom pair RD options, but would be tougher to see them in a top 4 role if it came to that.
  6. Maybe, but not if they feel like Hamonic will indeed return, which is what all signs seem to be pointing to at this point. We will surely make an addition(s) at/near the TDL should we be in a playoff position at that point. Might as well save your assets to fill the gaps you know you need heading into the playoffs. At this point, I don't see a need to make such a move, nor do I think there are many options at this point anyway even through trade. Moving Juolevi for Juulsen as RD insurance (along with Lammikko) was the trade IMO. Between the current RD depth we have, we just hope they can hold the line until Hamonic's hopeful return or closer to the TDL when players start to shake loose.
  7. Only thing we can do with the cap space is to make a trade, which means spending more assets and assuming teams have what we want at whatever the market value is. But based on how it's playing out, it sounds like we are hopeful of his return at some point, so we are keeping the cap space open for that. If Keeper is able to return at some point this season, between him, Schenn, Burroughs (pleasant surprise), Bowey and Juulsen (maybe even Woo), we have plenty of "stay at home" type dmen depth. Hamonic would be the best of this bunch of course, but not sure who's available out there that would be just as impactful that won't cost an arm and a leg at this point of the season.
  8. I'm sure management knows what's happening behind the scenes. If it was something worth terminating the contract, then it would've been done already. Management appears to be supportive in whatever he is going through. Until we find out more (if ever), there's no reason as fans to not be supportive of the situation as well (and no need to blow out of proportion unsubstantiated rumours). There isn't exactly much we can do with his cap space at this point anyway.
  9. I guess he was just brought up to get his stuff.
  10. Oh has the season started already? My team sure doesn't seem to think so...
  11. Philadelphia Flyers assign F Jack Drury to the Phantoms Philadelphia Flyers recall D Santeri Hatakka to the main roster
  12. Washington isn't too deep on LD. Kempny was injured all of last season and was sent to the minors. Trevor Van Reimsdyk is a regular now and they have a 22 year old Fehervary also playing as a regular.
  13. I'd be curious for the cost of Fabbro.
  14. Don't know where to post this, but thought this was funny.
  15. K'Andre Miller has been excellent for NYR. Not a chance he'd be a "plus". Chicago would have to add. I'd think someone like Tarmo Reunanen would be a sort of plus in this situation where he had a solid AHL season, but has kind of fallen in the depth chart with solid young prospects surpassing him. With that said, not sure with the Rangers being interested. Especially for a brother's reunion type of move as it seems like they're looking to move out Ryan Strome (due to cap reasons I imagine).
  16. NYR has been rumoured to be trying to move out Ryan Strome. I don't think they're looking to double down on the Strome bros.
  17. Philadelphia Flyers recall F Jack Drury to the main roster Philadelphia Flyers Main Roster Giroux - Zibanejad - Donskoi M Foligno - O'Reilly - Kuokkanen Parise - N Foligno - Hornqvist Jeannot - Cizikas - Hathaway Khaira - Drury Brodin - Petry Chara - Mayfield Soucy - Jensen Borowiecki Fleury Melnichuk IR: Francouz, Kinnvall Philadelphia Phantoms Roster Caamano - Ruzicka - Connolly Raska - Khoderenko - Pajuniemi Karlstrom - Pospisil - Zavgorodniy Cates - Hall Hutton - Hatakka Vukojevic - Wolff Hogberg Fedotov
  18. I wonder if he's celebrating his signing with some banana pancakes.
  19. I think "better" is being used very loosely here.
  20. It's the Mike Sillinger of draft picks.
  21. That WSH 2022 1st is really starting to become a GML journeyman.
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