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  1. OP seems like a pretty obvious trolljob, but I have to admit I see kids with that exact attitude all the time when I am hiring for office positions. Long story short, a lot of degrees, business, communications, liberal arts, are basically participation awards given out by Universities, they mean less than nothing. I would honestly rather just hire someone who had worked after high school, at least they might be able to accomplish something at work. The one thing these degrees do get you is that you won't have to work fast food, gas stations, restaurants, that's really it, if you want anythin
  2. Huge congrats to AV/RB for making the finals!

  3. On a team that is an offensive legend, Gaunce is still a top 6 point producer for the forward group, even though he only joined the team halfway through the season.
  4. Any politician can be ended with a single bullet. I don't think its a matter of being able to fight the military with a bunch of armed citizens, but the idea that if the gov't went rogue the citizenry would have the tools to assassinate those in charge. Not that I feel the citizens really need to be worried about the gov't going rogue, but I don't think the size/power of the US military has anything to do with whether or not guns give citizens some measure of security against their gov't.
  5. Bo wears 53 in honour of Ian Jenkins, a teammate who died during Horvat's time with the Knights. Given that, the Canucks will absolutely allow him to wear 53. http://thecanuckway....-jersey-number/
  6. LostViking

    Adam Polasek | D

    https://twitter.com/...529699247259648 Strange, maybe Polasek wants to go to Europe? He looked decent in his first year pro, not sure what happened after that.
  7. Lack is far and away the better backup. Was Schneider more talented and better at goaltending? Absolutely. However, Schneider was about as interested in being our backup as Messier was interested in being our captain. Is this bad? No. Schneider wanted to be a starter, and is good enough to be an elite starter, nothing wrong with that. Similarly, Messier is a HoF guy who was loyal to our rivals, understandable he could have cared less about being the captain of our squad. One thing this particular comparison highlights is just how awesome it is that Schneider acted which such grace and
  8. Thank you for doing this! The other thread sucked so much compared to the old 'Injuries and Ice Chips' threads.
  9. Two people get drunk and fight each other, there is no reason whatsoever to assume one is more guilty than the other. We have yet to hear anyone else's perspective, Lucic doesn't magically become the victim just because what he says ends up in the news. Unless we have evidence that Lucic was minding his own business and got attacked, we have to assume he was just as much of an instigator as the other guy. What we do have evidence of, is that Lucic simply cannot handle the fact that a few people don't like him. His ego is such that he feels the need to blame an entire city for what a few peo
  10. Congrats Utica Comets, for beating the #1 team in their conference twice in a row. That should give our boys some confidence!

  11. Space sharks are from space.

  12. Just push your friend's arguments back at him, if he really is preaching in the manner you describe, it should be easy. friend "Can you believe some people think the Earth is billions of years old?" you "It is, science says so" friend"But the bible says..." you "Science says the bible is wrong" friend "how can you say that?" you "Its science, it can't be wrong"
  13. Does the game start at 4 or the retirement ceremony start at 4?

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    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Bure's contribution was the feeling that something special could happen every time he touched the puck.

    4. AppleJack


      My canucks calander says the game starts at 4:30pm.

  14. I don't mind the Kassian suspension... so long as the league gives everyone else the same treatment, if this is just a message sending suspension its ridiculous

    1. AppleJack


      If Kessel is giving 8 games then i am okay with it.

  15. Given the comparables around the league, Tanev is probably worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1.1m. However, his agent could easily look to the Canucks salary structure as the basis for Tanev's salary, in that case Tanev is worth much more. 2008-2009 Upper Cap Limit: $56.7m Shane O'Brien was the Canucks #6 defenseman, behind Mitchell, Ohlund, Salo, Bieksa, Edler, with a cap hit of $950k or 1.7% of the upper limit. 2009-2010 Upper Cap Limit: $56.8m Shane O'Brien was the Canucks #6 defenseman, behind Mitchell, Ehrhoff, Salo, Bieksa, Edler, with a cap hit of $1.6m or 2.8% of the u
  16. Cap floor / 23 man roster = $1.9M, man it must suck to make less than $1.9M knowing that it is a league violation for the rest of your team to make as little as you, haha

    1. stonecoldstevebernier


      yeah I would hate to make $1.9 million per year

  17. Is there any way to watch the draft online?

    1. Nas19


      You could try sitting in the first row. Not too sure about that one though.

    2. Nas19


      Ahh yes. Try sitting in the First Row

    3. LostViking


      trying to see if there's legit sources first, but thanks that saves me a google search

  18. With injuries up front, I sure am glad we have two capable goaltenders, we just may need both if we can't score.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Been saying this for ages. Even if we did have everyone healthy scoring would still be an issue

  19. Interesting development. Might be good chance for the brass to see if he can be as effective on the Wing as he is at Center. Best ones we have are Rodin and Sweatt, unless you mean those guys who will probably not be here anymore by the time Gaunce breaks out (usually takes a few years of NHL action). Similar to saying we didn't need Kesler, I mean we already had Cassels, Morrison, Linden. Or why bother with the Sedins, in the WCE era we didn't have room for them on the first line anyways. Just remember that typical prospects take 5-10 years to reach their full potential, none of ou
  20. So that rejected realignmet is sure looking good about now...

  21. Hoping for Doan, Jagr, Jokinen, Garrison, Parros, have a feeling that isn't going to happen, I'm just happy there is NHL action going on, good times

  22. I was also unaware of Pierre Page, thanks for sharing. This move is starting to make some good sense, I really hope we sign Grenier next offseason.
  23. My guess is they want him playing 1st line minutes. Typically most players (even many NHL bounds) will get 4th line minutes at best their first year in the SEL, in order to acclimatize them to the pro game. I don't know as much about the SM-liga but perhaps it is the same situation there. DEL I could have seen as an option, but there is enough similarity in competition in the Autrian league to justify picking Austria over Germany if other factors were involved. At the very least he isn't going where Patrick White went (German 3rd league, Oberliga). Other factors may include (as mentioned
  24. Schroeder, Schneider, Matson, Friesen, Rai will all be competing for Center positions on the Wolves next year. Reinprecht would certainly earn himself a spot if he returns, plus other non-Canuck property Wolves who may be back next year, and we can always sign a couple AHL guys to compete for jobs too. So we know of 5 canucks prospects at the least, plus potentially another 3-4 centers when we consider any off season AHL-level signings and Wolves guys coming back, that is a lot of players competing for 4 (potentially 5) spots. Seems likely people will be relegated to the K-Wings. I guess
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