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  1. They rushed him, but they righted the ship on him, so it’s up to him now to show as a professional. He has all the tools.
  2. Signing Toffoli would be a mistake. If there was no cap sure. Would be great. We have Boeser, Podkolzin, Virtanen and Lind. I don’t think we need Toffoli as much as we need cap relief to sign our 2 young stars and then re sign Horvat as well.
  3. I wish he would show more with his physical talent, but I’d keep Virtanen unless someone over pays for him. When he matures he will be an Alex Tuch clone. Plus he now has invaluable playoff experience.
  4. I noticed Sutter and Roussel both started decent against Minni and St Louis, but were ineffective against Vegas. Sutter is decent when healthy, but he’s injury prone and I doubt he can make it through a whole season and playoffs healthy as a 3rd line Center in any year.
  5. I disagree, Toffoli is a luxury we cannot afford. Our money/assets need to be concentrated on Defense. Signing Tanev to a decent term should be a priority.
  6. No one is taking Erickson. Unless we attach Hall of famer Quinn Hughes it isn’t going to happen.
  7. They ran outta gas. Playing back to back was ok for Demko cause he was reasonably fresh, but the team was spent. Should have played Saturday l. Really asinine.
  8. Your lukewarm on Green? The guy is doing an amazing job here. This team wasn’t supposed to do anything for another 2-3 years.
  9. I like Toffoli as much as the next feller, but he’s a luxury we will not be able to afford. Plus he isn’t very fast, we need more team speed and grit. Podkolzin will be here shortly and he will be a beast and a Calder contender. Sign Jake on a 2 year deal for 3 million per year and sign Tanev unless he wants more then 4 years. Markstrom I want to keep, but if he wants more then 5.5 million per year let him go. Demko is a huge asset now after that amazing 3 games.
  10. This was an amazing run. This will help with team culture 10 fold. Great to get the younger guys game 7 experience against a powerhouse team. They learned a lot. I bet Podkolzin is frothing at the mouth to get going here. I feel sorry for Miller though, being the goat on an iffy penalty. He played his guts out he should have had better karma.
  11. Guys over at HF still saying Benning sucks. Benning getting the last laugh.
  12. Tyler Motte’s been great. The guy rubs off on the whole team as well with his desperate play.
  13. Re watch the 94 playoffs. Bure was a wrecking ball. He threw some huge hits. Yeah he took Churla out but he also threw some really nice clean hits. I remember one hit on Brian Leetch in the finals behind the net that rung Leetch’s bell.
  14. JT Miller has been a godsend for this team. He’s a born leader who is playing hurt and still has assisted on the teams last 6 goals. Best trade in Canucks history? Definitely top 3.