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  1. I honestly think Jakes a little intimidated out there. Reeves and others ect aren’t little daisy’s who like to be hit. I think he’s also over thinking the game at a quicker pace, trying not to make mistakes. His best game by far was game 5 against St. Louis but since then haven’t seen as much success as he’s capable of.
  2. He was invisible last night. I wonder how much ice time he had?
  3. Take out Gaudette and replace him with Sutter. Then have a third line of Sutter, Jake and Ferland. Move Roussel to the 4th line.
  4. Always believed in Jake. He just had to mature and figure out his priorities. He's starting to play like he did back in junior. Wait another year, he will be scoring bombs from the point and going to the net hard, scoring on his underrated backhand more often.
  5. I like how he’s already got a leg up playing against men.
  6. People always throw the Petterson thread in my face and I admit I’m not perfect, but I’ve always been right about Edler. He had major back problems and now he looks like he’s finally symptom free. He’s been really good for 2 or 3 years in a row now. It wasn’t his fault he was being used like a number 1D and he still is. 75% of you wanted him gone. He’s invaluable to the team and they need to get him back badly. When he was out of the line up this year we looked overwhelmed.
  7. If Jake learned how to use his speed and crash the net with the puck more often he wouldn’t get the Green head game treatment.
  8. He has a good shot that’s for sure. Will be a great depth player in a few years.
  9. Jake having a great year so far. He’s still really young and going to be a beast at 24-25. Sure shut up the haters pretty good.
  10. We need to keep him. 4 years at 5.5 million.
  11. Yeah and your always negative. You should check out HF boards.
  12. I think he will end up on PP1 eventually. Net front presence with Horvat down low.
  13. Consistency.Jakes still playing one great game, then two mediocre games. One good game every three games isn’t good enough. You can see the potential though. I like the kid I hope he figures it out and becomes a key player in our future playoffs success.
  14. I would try Virtanen with Baer and Horvat. Virtanen needs more ice time. I like how he seems to get better as the season goes on. Unlike a lot of players who break down as the season progresses.
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