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  1. 8 years is a franchise cornerstone player level length of contract. You're essentially handing the keys of your franchise to these guys. Doing this for Hyman makes no sense to me haha. Role players like this shouldn't get more than 4 years in my opinion. I'd rather lose out on all these sorts of players, than overpay and have them sticking around and being complacent.
  2. Yes, darn players using the rights and privileges they are entitled too.
  3. What would you say if it was us winning the lottery every year? Would we be complaining then?
  4. Well this draft really doesn't have a clear cut number one franchise altering player. I for one would be happy to not have to pay a RNH, Yakupov, Eric Johnson, ekblad, Reinhart, hischier, Patrick, galchenyuk sort of player "top prospect money". This reminds me of the hischier, Nolan Patrick draft, how are those duds doing nowadays? All top 3 picks aren't all equal in quality. This is a weak draft up top, it doesn't hurt. Now if there was a mcdavid, matthews, dahlin, mackinnon up there....yeah it would hurt. The next two drafts have high end prospects like that though.
  5. I for one don't mind not winning thr lottery. Top picks generally tend to have massive second contracts and can take up a major portion of a team's cap space. At around our number, you can still find quality players and generally have more of a deep, balanced and more cap friendly team. I feel you can stay competitive longer due to thr fact that these players tend to need more time to marinate and take a bit longer to reach their peak, hence are cheaper for the earlier portions of their career. Our captain was picked 9th as well!
  6. Toronto going for it. Since one Canadian team is guaranteed a spot in the semis, they may as well go for it. If their goalie gets hot for a few series, anything is possible.
  7. You literally have way less fortunate people being affected by covid in a far greater manner than some rich hockey player. It is what it is, it's a business after all. If JB is going to start making emotional decisions, he should maybe step down.
  8. Bottom six role? Our GM prefers signing aging "high character" veterans to NMC multi million dollar contracts who can barely lace them up anymore to fill out our bottom six
  9. A slump at the beginning of the year always looks worse on paper than a mid-season slump
  10. Stick in the rink is literally one of the most unimaginative, simple and boring logos out there. Sure its clean, but it literally has two elements to it. Its essentially a dumbed down version of the Habs logo with zero history. Thr Johnny canuck logo would literally be the only logo with a human in the entire NHL (and one of few in pro sports actually), and in today's political climate and makeup of Vancouver, how many people other than the few rapid supporters would want to wear a jersey with a bearded Caucasian man on it. This leaves us with our orca.
  11. Burrows is the man!!! Woooooooooooo!!!!

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