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  1. Horvat mentioned it now Pettersson, they are putting the Canucks on notice that they want a winning team. This is great and you can see by the moves this year that Benning knows this and is doing everything he can. The rest is up to the players to get it done.
  2. Canucks website has them both at 5’ 10”. Hughes at 180 lbs and Rathbone at 177. Not sure what site your using. Yes Joulevi is delayed due to injuries but did look better than Rathbone last year. Joulevi got hit hard with COVID and never really bounced back during the year. Everyone is entitled to their opinion just don’t say someone doesn’t watch the games just because they have a different option from you.
  3. I think he does watch the Canucks. Joulevi is better with a higher ceiling for an over all game and Rathbone is smaller then Hughes. So we have our token small d man
  4. OEL-MEYERS HUGGES- HAMONIC is a decent top 4. With a combination of Joulevi, Poolman, Rathbone and Schenn should be able to make a decent third pairing.
  5. I actually liked Joulevi and Myers pairing last year. Hughes and Hamonic started looking a lot better by end of the year. That leaves OEL- Poolman pairing. Rathbone and Schenn as extras. Also agree with swapping Hoglander and Pearson. Fourth line of Motte-Sutter-Mackewen would be reliable and eat some minutes.
  6. Pettersson is the only other significant RFA with Arbitration rights. That’s needs to be next priority.
  7. The question is will anyone claim him off waivers for free. If not then no one thinks he's worth the 2.5 mil contract
  8. This is a great trade by Benning. It's sad that so many fans can't see that. We sign Hamonic Hughes- Hamonic OEL- Schmitt Joulevi-Meyers thats a decent defense. Especially after Schmitt has a bounce back year.
  9. Seattle has a better defence than the Canucks already. Forwards are lacking but I suspect trades and UFA signings will improve that.
  10. I wouldn’t say sell lie. We only paid a third for Schmit so it’s basically a 3rd and Rathbone. I think that’s low.
  11. Why would you say that. If we offer the best package for a one year player before he’s a UFA. You must be related to him to know what he wants.
  12. I know it will take more but with Jones uncertainty of resigning it will be hard to get teams to give up to much. Van: Jones Columbus: Schmitt, Rathbone and a conditional 1st if he re-signs. Hughes Hamonic UFA/Edler Jones Joulevi Myers UFA/Edler Chafield
  13. ——— Pettersson Boeser Hoglander Horvat ———— ——— Miller Podkolzin Motte Beagle ——— we have a bunch of wingers we can mix in there like Pearson etc. I do say we need to upgrade at least 2 wingers. if we go hard after Cernak with next years first and sign Hamonic one more year short term Hughes Hamonic Schmitt Cernak Joulevi Myers loosing Edler contract pays for Cernak. Sutter contract needs to go towards Hughes and Pettersson as well as Virtanen buyout. So there will need to be more moves to free up money to upgrade the wingers or wait until next year when there is a lot more money available. It will be tough with our cap issues.
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