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  1. Well sutter at 4.375m would be around a 3rd. I’d do it. 2 years of eriksson would be too much to swallow rangers can afford to ship out picks. They have enough talent to worry about
  2. It’s ok deal cause he’s a solid player for them right now but that cap hit will be trouble in 3 years never been a fan of signing a player a year away from UFA/RFA. A lot can change in a year and there’s no rush to get something done right away
  3. If matheson is moveable than eriksson has options
  4. its eklund so you know its good BUT carlo is in my top5 Wishlist for our blueline
  5. Thoughts on trading eriksson for a LTIR player? to Van: kesler to ana: eriksson 8m in cash savings for Anaheim over the next 2 years kesler goes on LTIR and so does the cap hit kesler playing days are 100% done, he’s in serious pain these days
  6. Its a negotiation people He needs to start there in hopes a team will actually start with that in the negotiations cause of his low cash money he is owed I wouldn't attach a 1st, podkolzin, or hoglander to any sweetener deal either and thats probably the ask right now.
  7. Canucks will lose a good player, but they arent going to lose a guy they cant live without. The worst thing you can do is trade picks and players so Seattle doesnt take a certain player Its impossible to predict who the canucks will protect right now so dont bother. At worst the canucks will lose gaudette or juolevi, but you can hope they take roussel or beagle. No chance in hell they take eriksson so get that crap out of your head
  8. D We all love tanev and he was important to this team, specifically hughes, but we would get over it
  9. My only worry with pietrangelo is his foot speed as he gets older probably got a good 3-4 years left in him but on a 6-7 year deal you’re gonna be eating it on the back half 7yrs/10m per is probably a fair offer With petey and hughes up next year that’ll leave us with roughly 28-30m in 3 players....sounds a lot like the leafs and how’s that goin?
  10. The boys on AM650 were talking about this trade To Fla: Boeser, Eriksson To Van: Ekblad, Connolly Truly based on the cash savings for Florida going forward.
  11. Toffoli doesn’t want to hop off the gravy train, he knows what a cup contender looks like. his lady friend works in LA so it’s a quick flight from Van to LA I’d be shocked if he left the west coast and van is his best option to be on a competitive team
  12. jimbo has become more honest in his interviews as of late compared to years past and I like it Nothing earth shattering here, but his comments are directly sending a message to markstroms camp that they are content with demko so if you wanna stay its on our terms or you can go somewhere else; we dont really care. He also pointed out that Toffoli is high on his priority list of things to do this summer (fall?)
  13. I’m not really into dealing virtanen for picks that’ll take 3-5 years to develop and not a guarantee they ever will I’m looking to swap him for a top 4 dman I don’t want to give up on him but I also value a top 4 dman over a 3rd line RW