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  1. They must know something we don’t or have a can’t-fail plan to move money
  2. Fire benning 3m for 11 points?! In a cap strapped world?! this is so messed up
  3. 100% it isn’t official, but the Canucks gave him everything like they just can’t live without him Get benning outta here with this crap
  4. If the AAV starts with a 3 you’ve made a huge mistake THIS TEAM DOESN'T NEED MORE BOTTOM 6 OVER PAID PLUGS now if it’s 3yrs/2m or 2yrs/2.5m per I’d do that or some where around that he had 11 points in 33 games, that doesn’t warrant a huge contract canucks 100% know something we don’t with their cap structure if they are adding money to next year
  5. Friedman said Canucks budgeting out about 15m for the both of them on bridge deals identical 7m/3yr deals? I could see that happening Canucks HAVE to move out some money there is just no two ways about it erikson, beagle, roussel, holtby and virtanen = 19m in cap space for next season 1/4th of the cap is tied up in 6 goals and a .894 save percentage you hope Seattle takes one of them Ferland is LTIR is a mute point and if he was playing no one would complaining about him and there’s nothing you can do about luongo recapture penalty
  6. If they don’t have playoff implications then what’s the point? Just call it and send everyone home
  7. Hope they take all the necessary time and care to get back to 100%! awful to hear hamonic has it considering his daughter has a compromised immune system from a hockey’s stance, Canucks probably won’t play all their remaining games and that’s ok by me. This season is a throwaway any ways and I don’t need to see the remaining 19 games to change my opinion on this teams needs going into the offseason.
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