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  1. Great negotiation tactic by his camp Now that he’s opened himself up to the whole league has upped the bidding war
  2. Seattle isn’t taking a 6m 4/5 Dman Right now we are poised to lose macewan, Lind or gadjovich so don’t get yours hopes up seattle will take on any money without assets attached
  3. Surprised Baumer is back, but pressure is still on Ian Clark was a must sign and they got it done so kudos there
  4. Yes you’re right another top 10 pick should garner an A-prospect
  5. Jones is the kind of player you stop what youre doing and go after! I don’t know if we have the assets to run with the “Jones’s” on this one though
  6. this kid is the last blue chip A-prospect we have and considering his cap hit and this teams cap struggles he’s gonna be a HUGE part of this team success next year
  7. Just so everyone knows buyouts really won’t save us that much on the cap prime candidates are eriksson, roussel and to a lesser extent holtby. not including jake cause he will most likely get his contract terminated and beagle could go on LTIR roussel buried - 1.875m cap hit for 1 year buy out - 1.733m cap hit for the first year and 633k the following year so it’s like 150k in savings to buy him out compared to just sending him to Abby eriksson buried - 4.875m cap hit for 1 year buy out - 4m cap hit for the firs
  8. jim, aquaman and travis saying all the right things and being pretty honest and owning it BUT talk is talk, go walk the walk.
  9. If they let arguably the best goalie coach walk over a couple hundred K, like sell the team bro. when did a billionaire get so cheap? Like is he “struggling” As if he won’t make it all back in a years time
  10. It’s the right move he’s a great coach who’s been dealt a bad deck to turn into gold if you think he sucks you’re wrong and stupid gotta get Ian Clark done next
  11. Not renew season tickets for a perennial losing team
  12. Who cares? Only season that people care about is next season. it’s playoffs or bust. They get a mulligan cause if the circumstances but fans will not stand for no playoffs 7/9 seasons
  13. I couldn’t care less who’s in charge all I care about is winning and if they won’t make changes off ice then they sure as sh!t better make HUGE changes on the ice i mean go big game hunting, poach players during the expansion draft, being proactive - none of this “we’ll see what comes our way” BS go out and get it, move out money and for god sakes if you’re spend money spend it on top talent our free agent signings are the source of all our problems trades are meh - some good/some bad but none I would say are ugly drafting is good like most peo
  14. That doesn’t make any sense Pearson is never going to be in Calgary. This player(s) isn’t doing locker clean out and media he’s just getting the F outta here ASAP only guy I can think that the fans will care about it Miller if it’s anyone else holtby, Myers, schmidt, roussel, eriksson etc.. it’ll be a mute point like who cares
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