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  1. OEL has been a stabilizer back there along with poolman rathbone with the puck is dynamic, but without it he gets lost we need another ugly, tough, puck eater on the blueline though to clear the front of the net
  2. Do you end up losing money at the end of the year?
  3. Ya I’ve been trying to sell on there but no luck so far and I’m asking the suggested value so idunno what’s going on I’ve tried every other outlet I can find too
  4. You guys need to chiiiilll they're 1-2-1, not 0–10-1 like you’re making it sound Yes it was a awful effort and I don’t need to see hunt-Myers ever again this is the trickle down effect of hamonic being MIA we are on game 4 and our 7 and 8 defenseman are both in the lineup
  5. 100% agree but there’s 77 games to go could be the habs and be 0-4
  6. It’s a lackluster performance but you guys forget what happens over the course of an 82 game schedule they aren’t all gonna be beauties
  7. Gotta get the 2 points against these bottom feeder teams next is buf should start 3-0-1
  8. Chiasson is a good PP net front guy which why he’s out there so i like him there for now dowling is only on the PP for face off once boeser is back they’ll reshuffle everything Miller on the downhill play on the PP has run it’s course through out the league if you ask me. Everyone knows what’s coming and with 3 lefties the PK’ers can dictate traffic to Peteys side as Miller isn’t a threat to shoot
  9. GREAT GAME! canucks we’re the better team in the 3rd and in OT Very promising start!
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