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  1. The prospect of Benning making a trade scares me, especially if he’s desperate. We know hes not going to aquire picks, he’s never been able to do that.
  2. No way petterson should get more than 7mil. Barzel is a good comparison and arguably better.
  3. I would like to see Gaudette tried as Horvats winger. I was hoping he could turn into a dependable 3rd line center but I don’t know if that’s realistic now.
  4. I would be a better gm than benning, hell anyone that knows how to budget would.
  5. From aqua all the way down to the assistant coaches this organization is crap. aqua being a cheap ass really left Benning with a barebone front office and noone to talk him out of his terrible signings
  6. Jim Benning has no time for good contract he only loves over paid players add smidt to that too