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  1. It definitely wasn't lol, benning needs help with counting now too, along with keeping track of time
  2. Until benning is gone there is, can't have him continuing to mismanaged this team into the ground
  3. Talking about giving up a 1st for this guy, to make up for Bennings failings, its depressing
  4. Say who is in instead of pretending to be smart is my point, what is your point.
  5. Who cares what the lineup is? Lol this whole board. I wish green put more thought into his coaching than the comments he thinks are so smart
  6. Green is such a wanker. "I can tell you we'll have 13f and 7d for warm up" Like Toronto really cares if youre dressing lind or brisbois.
  7. What a game, I think everyone needed that. Holtby was unreal, and bo leading the way
  8. Damn now thats a deal, a perfect 3rd line centre
  9. That is honestly pathetic for a rebuilding team. #noplanvan
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