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  1. K smart guy, whats his plan and how has he implemented it?
  2. Bennings never had a plan, he just wings it and can hardly see a month in advance. A few good draft picks doesn’t make up for his horrible mismanagement. Im sure our young stars really appreciate getting rid of their linemates. petty and toffoli boeser and stetcher hughes and tanev
  3. Dont help out vegas by taking that overpriced juice head off their hands, even if he comes cheap. If they get AP we’re not getting past them for a few years at least.
  4. I think he should have had a better idea of if he can move his terrible contracts or not by then.
  5. Did Benning even have a plan when he traded for Toffoli or was it purely a rental deal?
  6. I think he doesn’t have a clue. Shows how bad his evaluation is if his plan was to recoup picks by trading some of his terrible signings.
  7. I know he never has, he just speaks out his ass and has no idea what it takes. Guy cant plan more than 2 months down the road.