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  1. He brings more than chaisson, still has potential and hes tough as nails. Cant wait till Greens gone
  2. I think the saddest part is this it, this is all we got no reinforcements coming or grade A prospects coming up, this is the team benning spent 7 years building and it doesn't even look like a bubble playoff team now.
  3. Honestly I haven't seen any progression since his rookie season, seems to have regressed even. Glad we didn't sign him to a huge long term contract. Hope he proves me wrong in the next 3 years and we do have to pay him like a superstar. And he goes 3rd in a redraft absolutely no doubt about that. The 2 norris calibre number 1 dmen are going ahead of the # 2center/winger.
  4. Trading Joulevi because of a bag skate was so incredibly short sighted you'd think a 1st grader made the decision. As i said would happen, an injury to one of the top 6 and you have now not even 5 games into the season you have Hunt playing, an ahl dman.
  5. Hate to say it but I think we are going to be thankful petterson only signed for 3 years, honestly haven't seen much progress if any since his rookie season.
  6. So guys please tell me again how over playing hughes isnt a bad thing? Sheesh your argument didn't even hold up 3 games.
  7. Lol it doesn't matter which side his ice time is on, left or right its still too much and not a recipe for success in a long season and hopefully playoffs.
  8. Dowling at 31 years old has 4 goals in his entire NHL career and now is on our 2nd unit powerplay. Green must really enjoy the early summers off
  9. So we are one injury away from having both Hunt and Schenn in the line up. welp good luck demko seriously its like Green cant look more than a week in advance
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