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  1. Id rather have 6 million cap space. not to mention he didn't wanna be here
  2. Nice glad hes gone, we need guys that want to be here and want to win. A third is a little underwhelming but no salary retention is all that matters now.
  3. Oh didn't know the goalie to expose had to be a back up making more than 4 million a year
  4. Crazy another bad contract of bennings that teams wont take, this one only a year old, honestly wonder if benning can plan more than a year ahead.
  5. Not bad, would love to add Savard to that d core and push Schenn and Juolevi to 7 and 8. Not sure that fits without moving holtby though
  6. Sure you know me so well. We rid ourselves of 3 bad contracts for 1 year and take back a bad contract for 6 years and give up a top 10 pick, thats not a win for us, desperate gm making desperate moves
  7. Is reinhart much better than toffoli? How the f could anyone justify that asset management if the 9th is moved for reinhart.
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