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  1. Nawwww .... it is reserved for the very best; and the classiest players in organization. Kes was neither .
  2. He's also 27 not 25. Not that i care, it just a little misleading because some may say that this year is this guys peak.
  3. Anyone know how many days he going down ? I really hope he picks up an offensive edge down there.. sure I like his hits, but he needs more confidence out there rather than just looking to make a hit disregarding a loose puck. .
  4. Except pyatt scored 37g 38a and bernier 49g 52a in their draft years..... Oh the kid has skill... but skill to make plays? how many assist can we expect him to put up in the NHL?
  5. im so dissapointed today that i am actively looking for a new team to cheer for..... JK but its gunna be awhile before we win.... today we got worse.... and drafted an injured 'big guy' .... so what hes stronger 200lbs+ playing against 170lbs+ kids of coarse he can muscle in 40+ goals.... 26 assist?? can the kid make plays? SKILL>SIZE At least with skill we could develope ... feels like we just drafted pyatt/bernier
  6. I'm wondering if Booth was the right choice? Burrows to me seems like the more logical choice.
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