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  1. What the frack, man.

  2. Haha, i still don't get it.

  3. I have one more year after this, then I'm done.

    And i start again on the fourth, have two weeks of lessons, then like...3 weeks of study leave, then back for semester two and a new time table D:

    What do you study?

  4. Ah cool. I go to uni at Keele. I graduate this year, can't wait :D I'm not back for another week and then it's exams. Lectures don't start up again till the 25th, which is alright.

  5. Yeah, it's where I go to uni. I'm all up in that education stuff haha. Start again on Monday. *sigh*

  6. Yeah my friend lives there from Uni. I went there once, to get the ferry to France haha. I am from near Manchester yeah.

  7. South East like. Ya know, Portsmouth and what not ^_^

    You Manchester yeah?

  8. Yeah.

    Seemes there is a few.

  9. Another English canuck fan. Nice to see I'm not alone!

  10. hey.

    how's it going?

    where in England are you from?

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