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  1. If we fix our special teams, we’ll be fine. Both PK and PP have been abysmal. Once PP goals start going in, confidence will bloom.
  2. All about depth. This division and schedule will lend itself to playoff style hockey... which is where players like Hamonic make an larger impact. This is a character, tough as nails dman who’ll stand up for his teammates in a heartbeat. Tanev is better, but I like Hamonics physicality over what Tanev brings honestly. They’re a wash offensively. People are severely overrating what the Canucks lost this offseason. They’ll need to stay healthy in the top 6, like most teams, but I’m actually betting they’ll be a better team offensively this year with the increased mobility on D. Puck moving D men compound offensive possession which in turn increase scoring opportunities, which we already know this group doesn’t need a tonne of to ripple twine. The Schmidt add was absolutely massive imo, and the fact we now have a little more nasty to help keep opponents honest... this is the best looking d core since 2011.
  3. Fully agree. Brought to you by our friends at Microsoft
  4. I am absolutely pumped for a Canadian division. Such a unique opportunity to see rivalries bloom... So much star power and creative offence. Goaltending should be the difference.
  5. I’d let Tanev walk unless he takes a sweetheart deal. focus on re-signing Marky and Toffoli, and make a couple hockey trades.
  6. Be interesting to see what he sustains over the next few weeks. I don’t ever recall a player scoring that much in the A. Not like I’m expecting a hat trick per game, but is he just hot? Lucky? that combo with his size is appealing no matter where he slots into the lineup. Always room for a bruiser with hands that can stick his ars in the tenders face alla Byfuglien certa 2010
  7. Awesome to see the goal rate vs that level of competition at D+1 very promising player for the top 6!
  8. Honestly, pretty sure itll be markstrom moving if demko shows consistency this season.... Cap era. Younger + cheaper = better. Plus Marky is starting to get better league recognition... his trade value should be decent as well.
  9. I think the comparisons to Quick are more along the lines of being that he relies a lot on his athleticism, rather than stylistically. Perhaps comparisons to Tim Thomas or Dominik Hasek are more accurate for actual stylistic analysis. His compete, reaction, and ability to read play levels are extremely high... The type of goalie that can will his team to a victory, and find ways of stopping pucks that goalies that rely solely on positioning and structure don’t. Goalies like this typically play better as the stakes increase, as they become more involved and determined.... also the most frustrating for opposition to scout and play against as you can’t really pick apart will and determination. I think being cut from Team Canada at the WJHC was the best thing that could’ve happened to him. It’s only pushed him. Now to be present with the big boys at the worlds... I’m quite sure he’ll absolutely dominate the OHL next season. I know now there are a LOT of eastern media that are extremely high on him. He’ll likely represent Canada at the WJHCs next year and from there it should be interesting to see how he translates to pro. He really could end up being something very special.
  10. Fantastic pick! yes he's under sized, but he's probably goalie with the most natural skill in this draft.
  11. Decent game for Brisebois. Not really noticeable outside his goal imo, which was horrid coverage by Calgary. Nice patience by Grandlund to spot him, who I did think was the Canucks best player last night.
  12. is pilon gone... or still on the board