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  1. You’re forgetting that CBJ has to overpay players to stay. Ohio is like the Manitoba of the states lol
  2. I really don’t get this deal. Way too expensive. Kuemper could win a Vezina…. Grubauer could too on that club…. Weird times
  3. He played 27 NHL games last season and he’s on a one way deal, which would suggest he’s in the mix for sure. If not he’s familiar with Abby having played there in 2011
  4. U guys are selling Poolman short. He may just be Quinn’s partner.
  5. As curious as I am to see what this all looks like on ice, think I would’ve rather kept Guenther and waited just another year for all this change, without giving up future assets. But fukit, let’s see what this group can do! …. if they do suck, it’s gonna be tough to watch it all implode
  6. His acquisition is primarily for work without the puck. Face offs are overrated until key moments… which Bo will still get the majority I’m sure.
  7. Blake Coleman would be cool. He and dicky can play mean shutdown minutes
  8. I’m not so sure Van will use the cap in free agency… but rather target cap teams alla tampa with better cost controlled assets to offer via trade
  9. Anyone that doesn’t like this deal, doesn’t know the player they’re getting. Brendan Gallagher vibes all over this kid.
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