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  1. @Bomba NJ Devils projected expansion protection list: Forwards (7) Bo Horvat Brock Boeser Anders Lee Ricard Rackell Jesper Bratt Pavel Zacha Danton Heinen Defenders (3) Rasmus Dahlin Filip Hronek Logan Stanley Goalies (1) Alex Nedelkjovic
  2. I don’t mind Pearson or anything... just tired of watching three 3rd lines
  3. I’d be happy to pick 8-12... see who falls. gonna be sleepers everywhere throughout the draft though. What a mess to scout. Hopefully last years prescout pays off for Benning.
  4. 2 years 2.8 is acceptable for a veteran middle 6 winger. Solid depth player... and Bo’s shotgun placeholder.
  5. NJ SPORTS Monday, April 5, 2021 Optimism and pessimism splitting the fan base in NJ after a overhaul of the teams lineup, and organizational restructure. Team GM 70seven took over the team two seasons ago believes that the team had an opportunity to restructure after a poor start to the year in a very tough division. He had this to say this morning in talk radio NJ, “The organizations goal is to make the playoffs each and every year. However variables do play a role in life and business alike. We collectively saw an opportunity to rebuild the teams defensive core, and were
  6. This is good if we wanna take advantage of the current week off... I’m hoping a pitch for Domi along the lines of Virtanen, Roo, and a pick. Would love for Bo to have another winger he meshes with.
  7. Any actual news regarding Virtanen in this thread?
  8. Vancouver Demkos win again... Myers with some noticeable solid plays... been liking his game of late. Horvat and Hoggy building some nice chemistry. SO good to see Motte back. Diddnt produce as much offence as I expected tonight... but Ottawa was decent when Gudbranson wasn’t on the ice lmao
  9. Both players are apart of the solution. I can’t see anyone giving up more than their value to the team currently and moving forward.
  10. I like it. Only thought is I feel SOG should be worth .25. that is all.
  11. The real problem is that we have coaches that want our D to aggressively pinch and jump in on rushes. He has the green light, and that’s fun for a player. You can’t pinch on 50/50s. It’s your primary responsibility to defend as a dman. That’s how I look at it from a coaching analysis. ...However that looks, it’s the coaches responsibility to set blueprint for the players to follow. You have to work with the hand you’re dealt and adjust. Green an co are doing a poor job adapting. This group is showing they can’t handle trading chances on ice. Unfortunately that means y
  12. Really? Common man... Quinn Hughes is in his second year. He looks to be a ppg dman... something this franchise has never had.... Ya I think it’s safe to say that he’s not available outside someone selling the farm.
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