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  1. It's fine to trade Gaudette and it's fine to want a player like Highmore. But a year ago, you could have probably got a 3rd or something of equivalent value (both of which are higher than Highmore's value). Like most things with the management team, the timing and lack of planning has done them in.
  2. I'm learning many things about Adam Gaudette today that didn't &^@#ing exist and are being used to spin I didn't know yesterday. Interesting.
  3. Let's be honest, the only thing "nice" about this return will be all the spins the Benning bros will put on this Highmore guy. It's gonna be blast seeing how they try to frame trading a 25-30pt type, former HB winner for a guy with 10 career pts and a 4th line ceiling. I'll be here for it.
  4. I love when the Benning cult talk about this idea of a plan, mostly because they can't ever tell you what it is but are adamant one exists. Like, how can level-headed people look at the comments from March about being two years away and then look at the Pearson signing, comments about this TD, all the talk of riding the Demko hot streak and not selling, etc and think there's any semblance of congruency in the words and actions of these criminals being employed in management? Just an all around joke lmao.
  5. ^Because their general management teams aren't run by incompetent people such as Jim Benning and John Weisbrod.
  6. Gillis and Gilman are practically the only reason the Canucks have any sort of relevance in 2021. The team would arguably be a nothing franchise without the work they did in Vancouver and what they nearly accomplished. It's no surprise Toronto is killing it by having Gilman as part of their management. Only fools would think multiple top of the league finishes, many playoff appearances, and game 7 of the SC finals was assembled by guys who benefitted from other peoples' work. I'd also love to know what exactly is still ailing this organization from their tenure 7 years on. 3M
  7. I'm telling y'all, the Benning supporters don't actually believe the moves he makes are good. They're simply so tired of all the warranted negativity brought on from his numerous, continuous blunders over the past 7 years that they're just willfully choosing to think his moves are great because it's a coping mechanism. For them, it's better to spin and find any possible (pathetic) reason to rationalize a move than to do the easy thing and say "Yeah, this is bad, this is short-sighted, this doesn't help up" etc. I don't blame these fans for wanting to be positive but sometimes, a spade needs
  8. He's injured. He's strictly LTIR space to help facilitate bringing in better assets. Benning could never.
  9. It's not that Pearson is bad. He's a decent player and even better person from all accounts. It's the fact that re-signing him makes no sense for where we're at and the timeline the GM said we were on. We have major contracts to hand out to our young players and him being around hampers that cap space that we needed to allocate. All the criticism towards the signing is 100% warranted.
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