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  1. Man, what a player Virtanen87 is. Top 5 all-time. Vote J-23
  2. J-23 getting the Virtanen87 mafia-read seal of approval? This might be the most important read we need this game.
  3. Wtf is luckylager doing rn? How am I scum lol
  4. I don't think Qwags is low hanging fruit to be honest. He's improved a lot. Don't even remember the last time he was voted in N1.
  5. I think we still have to axe one of these guys though.
  6. Don't really get town vibes from BoKnows or luckylager. BoKnows isn't scummy but he's been uber nonchalant about things, which seems a bit too sus for my liking. luckylager is complicated because on one hand, he was indifferent to some of the suspicion of him, but then when it piled up, he was noticeably irritated by it, all the while still maintaining a light-hearted demeanour with some of the other posts/posters in this thread. [Ewww, run-on sentence].
  7. Aladeen and GoCanucks16 are probably clean as well.
  8. Town range, scum range, mountain range, long range, too man ranges, so little time.
  9. Oh, he isn't playing. Well, on that note, we should probably axe luckylager (sorry ) or BoKnows (sorry )
  10. I'm vanilla town tbh. Gonna let step up since he thinks he can perform on the big stage with the professionals. So far, no sign of him though...
  11. The Canucks knew about recapture since the 2013 CBA was implemented, and while the current GM inherited this issue, he still chose to spend the amount of money he did that put him in this mess. If you want to complain about 3M in dead cap from Luongo, you should be fuming that we're also paying 3M for Ryan Spooner and Sven Baertschi to play hockey elsewhere.