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  1. Nobody is burying the player. Collectively, the fanbase would like him to succeed, I'd imagine. Some people are a bit concerned with the contract, given past contracts handed out in this vein. Unfortunately, there are a few on here who interpret these concerns as an attack on management and the team - rather than a valid point of criticism - and turn things into a more heated discussion as a result. For those individuals, I think they believe they are preserving positivity, however, they fail to see that "calling out the haters", and how they go about it, just serves to be more d
  2. J.T Miller - Elias Pettersson - Brock Boeser Nils Hoglander - Bo Horvat - Conor Garland Tanner Pearson - Jason Dickinson - Vasili Podkolzin Matthew Highmore - Brandon Sutter - Tyler Motte --- Justin Bailey Zack MacEwan Phil Di Giuseppe Justin Dowling Jonah Gadjovich Quinn Hughes - Travis Hamonic Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Tucker Poolman Jack Rathbone - Tyler Myers --- Olli Juolevi Luke Schenn Brad Hunt Thatcher Demko Jaroslav Halak --- Michael DiPietro Arturs SIlovs This team c
  3. Actually, if you had read, I said that nobody was offended you said that. The whole discussion around that comment was meant to demonstrate some of the "positive" people creating division among the fanbase since it was implied that only the "negative" people are divisive. You buy your jersey and have fun with it! What you do with your money is your thing.
  4. Ahh yes. I'm the antagonist because I sarcastically responded to a comment made about my critiques of this move. Is that correct lol? As I've already stated, I do not control who and who does not respond to me. For all I know, maybe some people disagreed with my assessment, but they probably did, y'know, the grownup/accountable thing, ignored my post, and moved on with their lives. For you (and evidently others), you show no restraint or strength to simply ignore because you take criticisms of this team and of this management personally. You've admitted yourself that ignoring
  5. What exactly should I be taking accountability for?
  6. For as long as you use "we" and "our" and fail to distinguish if you're speaking on behalf of the wider fanbase or select few users who have a personal problem with valid criticisms, it's hard to take what you say seriously. In case you don't know, the ignore function skips over a person's post. If you dislike reading criticism and "negativity", you can quite literally block it and roam CDC without seeing anything negative. For whatever reason, you choose not to do it and complain afterwards. Maybe it's time to demand accountability from yourself and take action for these change
  7. We? Is this referring to Canucks fans as a whole or is "we" simply a group of users who aren't capable of ignoring what they read or using the ignore function? There's a major difference between the two. In any event, criticism on this board follows a logical path and has since I've been on here. When good things happen, the mood is bright and there are celebrations When they don't, there is a fallout. Some people are okay with this, others like yourself feel the need to police the responses because to them, criticism is inconvenient and unpleasant to read. So, to answer your
  8. To be quite honest, I think you're pretty disingenuous when you say this. I've yet to see a criticism you've interacted with and not freak about it. And, yes. If the team is winning (sustainably), I don't see why people would come on here to complain. People only complain when we lose or made a questionable trade or signing. Unfortunately, we've seen a lot of losing and questionable personnel moves over the years, hence, it's not surprising to see negativity around here.
  9. I've been around a long time. We didn't have negativity on the scale we do now back in 2009, 2010, 2011, etc. Was anybody negative during our bubble playoff run? Winning helps, that's all.
  10. Why? People are passionate about the team they love and they're allowed to react how they wish. As long as they aren't abusing others or breaking rules, what does it matter if they want to be critical of the team?
  11. It goes without saying, winning more games would do a lot to lift the spirits.
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