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  1. Well one Burrows slayed the dragon and the other Burroughs slayed the momentum.
  2. I think Green is just doing this for ments. Bet you he's on CDC and loves the meltdowns.
  3. #WeAreAllCanucks until somebody does something I don't like...
  4. I guess Podkolzin's 7 day trial in the NHL expired. Can't think of any good reason to omit him from the lineup.
  5. Good. Screw Chicago and their deplorable organization.
  6. We need a HockeyGawd ever since the other HockeyGaud got yeeted.
  7. He'll be fine. Just needs some more games and maybe some bounces. With that said, carrying a whole ass team is, evidently, taxing. For a few seasons now, we've been way too reliant on him so we need this "top 10 forward group" to also step up.
  8. Don't worry, we have Brad Shaw and Tucker Poolman now!!! Just a matter of time before we win every game 7-0!!!!!
  9. Tough to say. Many traditional "hockey-men" are past it. Might have to look to the Major Junior route and scoop a name.
  10. Archaic, overrated, not a good fit for this team. Could render better structure and organization in the short-term but not a coach for the long-term or even mid-term.
  11. Well, we can fire Green, idrc about him. No thanks to Bill Dautrieve.
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