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  1. if you host a room, do you think you'd be able to help me out playing-wise?

  2. If you got perma banned, you should ask Stealth or Admin_2 to reinstate you. We miss your hilarious jokes in WN.

  3. I read a lot of them before BB catches up but yeah most don't make it through

  4. Got a picture

    Thanks for telling me my posts are funny but sometimes they don't make it through the WN "filter" :'(

  5. Dude your posts in WN are hilarious, keep it up.

    You should also get a profile picture. What is with all these silhouettes?

  6. Saw your update about Surrey and had to reply. Great one man.

  7. Oh god when I got the notification I thought it was another "Your inappropriate post has been removed"


  8. You and that Seth Rogen... Tisk Tisk

  9. Glad you like Bodom, Alexi is the man.

  10. you got hearts in your profile name too. :o


  11. Thanks for viewing my profile! x2

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