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  1. My last status update was about re-signing shirokov. Safe to say I'm not on here enough.

  2. R4ff


  3. R4ff

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    Rodin is back in the line up and scores his first AHL goal! Hopefully first of many
  4. Please sign Shirokov! Don't let another Canuck developed player leave and bite us in the arse..

    1. Schneider's Teeth

      Schneider's Teeth

      They just qualified him

    2. R4ff
  5. your welcome.:)

  6. Thanks bro! Made in myself :)

  7. hi there how's it going you got a cool profile pic of Raymond.:) looks Awesome

  8. OMG! I haven't been on in forever and the rep system is back! Hoooorrrraaay :P

    1. Captain Bob

      Captain Bob

      It only came back today ;)

    2. Schroeder's Wrister

      Schroeder's Wrister

      but it doesn't show the totals

  9. merry xmas and your greatest year, yet to come..

  10. Oh, shootouts are the Canucks' nightmare! I think we should put Tambellini in the line up next game, he's clutch.

    1. HighwayToHell


      what good's that going to do with Lu's infamous struggles in shoot-outs....:(

  11. Haha I know, good song! :D

  12. Riff-Raff - Great song by AC/DC =)