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  1. Playing the would have/should have theoretical game is pointless. We aren't the Sharks, and he asked to be moved. Let's not pretend it was a one sided decision, he was the one who made the request. Clearly the Canucks wanted him in Utica, and thought that was the best place for him, clearly he disagreed. One could argue he's also getting an opportunity in San Jose that he wouldn't get here, he wouldn't be getting top six minutes here. We've struggled thus far, but our top six is certainly more potent than theirs. Who's he beating out here? Particularly now that Boeser is back. Have a look. https://www.capfriendly.com/depth-charts/sharks Dahlen certainly ain't, but there are many players who think highly of themselves who never get a cup of coffee at the NHL level. Teams may have to manage egos, but players also need to manage their egos. I wouldn't say the Nucks have shipped out very many players for ego issues, they usually do pretty well with their prospects regardless of whether they make the bigs or not.
  2. Yeah, and we traded him in 2019. If he'd been willing to work on his play in Utica he'd never have requested a trade.
  3. Who cares? At the time he hadn't proven &^@# all, how would it look to other players, especially prospects, in the organization if management had let Dahlen walk in and have whatever he wanted without paying his dues?
  4. If someone wants to dump on Benning, fine, but that's a poor way to do it Dahlen didn't want to come in and put in his time, he wanted to be handed an NHL spot and requested a trade when he didn't get it That's on him, JB made the correct call in moving out someone who wasn't willing to put in the work
  5. Not quite "that's a good team over there" but it's close enough
  6. I'm not so sure. If he wants fans watching this team, and if he wants his team to win, he might just have to cut his losses. If the results continue to look like we've gotten so far the fanbase will revolt and people simply won't buy tickets.
  7. I mean, at least his teams make the playoffs most of the time That'd be a good start
  8. If he doesn't Aqua night end up calling him We'll see how these next two go
  9. Not sure, but how much worse could it get? It's been the same $&!# for years
  10. I'm fine with Benning's roster, most were applauding his moves The Hamonic and Sutter bits weren't anticipated tho, how could they be, we also miss Motte But even with those three out, there's no way we should look this putrid, coaching is our weak link
  11. I think Green will be the fall guy, but if his legit next guy founders that's likely it Anyone with legit NHL coaching experience could probs do better than Green and Baumer right now
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