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    Oh, and stuff. That's probably the most important bit!

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  1. @eeeeergh come back to CFF nerd
  2. Come join us https://www.canucksfanforum.com/
  3. The whale team did not go correctly
  4. Maybe it's during the difficult times that Petey needs us
  5. Hello? Anyone still here?
  6. And then the curse will be broken, CDC will finally be allowed to rest
  7. Maybe CDC wasn't the problem after all, maybe an online forum had no bearing on how the Canucks performed Maybe Canucks management simply dropped the ball by pulling the plug but then not pulling the plug Maybe CDC is innocent in all this, a victim of corporate bureaucracy That doesn't really sound right, but it's worth considering I'm sorry CDC, you deserved better
  8. Two Norris candidates going to head to head, MacKinnon will be there too
  9. It's really weird to read it like that
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