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  1. Washington, if Ovi got a second I wouldn't care about Wilson
  2. I'll be rooting for you guys, thanks for being such great fans and supporting our boys over in Utica! I wish we'd renewed the affiliation agreement, but it is what it is. All the best!
  3. I'd rather not, but it depends on what other teams are prepared to give up. I wouldn't be trying to sell him, but a GM isn't doing his job if he doesn't take calls on guys.
  4. I'd rather see a fresh staff, Clark aside, but I'm honestly indifferent to Green. Could probably have more success with different assistants, but eh. Baumer and Brown can go though. Especially Baumer, our D should be better with the players we've got.
  5. Someone else can have him, I'd rather run with our young top end guys and newer guys like Podz and Hoglander. Our top six should be fine next season, I'd take a harder look at our D and our bottom six.
  6. I'd sooner eat a buyout or ride of the last year of Eriksson's dead cap than trade our first, let alone Rathbone. We don't need Reinhart, Hoglander looks like he could be a legit top six guy and Podz has even more potential imo. Then you've got guys like Lind and Gadjovich who should be pushing for jobs too. We're not as stocked up on D, losing a cost controlled D in Rathbone ain't the right move imo. I'd sooner roll the dice on the players we've drafted and grab a blue chipper at the draft. Drafting is our strength, trading what'll probably be the highest first round
  7. If he can become a 40-50 point guy who works hard at both ends that's already fantastic, anything more would be gravy. I don't expect him to be a two way guy, I just ask for a good effort in the defensive zone. You need guys who are primarily offensive players.
  8. Eh, if we want a more offensive third line we've already got Miller we could transition. I think it's important to have a center capable of eating heavy defensive minutes, I don't think Granlund is that guy, I think you want him in a more offensive role. Sutter eats PK and defensive zone minutes, whether it's him or not we need someone who can fill that role. Nashville's PK is actually worse than ours, if Granlund's a part of that unit that's not exactly encouraging. If he came cheap that'd be one thing, but I still question the fit. We've got enough bottom/middle six tweeners tha
  9. At 5'10 and 185 I remain skeptical, but if he's as valuable as you imply I don't see why Nashville would let him hit UFA. Particularly when one considers their need for offensively talented centers. Nashville always seems to be needing help up front. There's also the question of why he'd leave an organization that's made the playoffs for seven straight years for a team that's made the playoffs twice in eight years. Granlund ain't exactly young anymore, and this Nucks team has plenty of questions surrounding it. I just don't see it.
  10. Ehhh.. if they went a more offensively geared third line perhaps. But when I consider someone to replace Sutter I think about bringing in someone who can play tough, primarily defensive zone minutes, and Granlund ain't that guy. That's also assuming Granlund would have any interest in joining Vancouver, whereas we have an established relationship with Sutter.
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