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  1. Good contract, he's still serviceable in an offensive role
  2. A formality for most of em, but it's nice to see Brisebois and Jasek retained Both could be an NHL player yet
  3. New Tremonti Between his Alter Bridge stuff and solo stuff, man What a talented musician
  4. Negativity gets clicks, stirs the pot. These guys wanna line their pockets, ethics and integrity be damned. Unfortunately it likely does keep some players away, despite these media clowns and the twitterverse not being an accurate representation of the fanbase as a whole. There will always be a toxic, vocal minority. Def agreed. It's ironic that he's reported it, because he's part of the problem.
  5. Interesting, good for management. Hold on and see if someone waivers, but have a buyout ready to go if not. Don't wanna be giving up picks or prospects.
  6. Could be worth it With our Connor/Tyler ratio we'd be unstoppable
  7. Man, imagine being thrown millions of dollars at eighteen
  8. Disappointmenting, our Tyler levels have begun to deplete Forget D, finding another Tyler should be management's top priority Wish him the best tho
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