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  1. It doesn't look good. I can't say that's what happened until we know for sure, but what's been reported sounds pretty damning.
  2. Poor Todd, sure. But not in the case, nobody made him get behind the wheel after drinking. Assuming what's been reported is true. Demons or not, he made a choice and certainly should have known better as a 46 year old man. He needs to get help, but at the same time his demons and NHL past don't make him above the law. They may explain his actions to some extent, but they certainly don't excuse drunk driving if that is indeed what he did.
  3. He might have to take a bit less because of a flat cap, but teams will also have a better understanding of the cap landscape going into this coming ufa period. Could see him easily get 2.5-3.5 on the open market from a team that needs a solid 3c. Sutter plays tough defensive minutes, PK, takes faceoffs, adds a bit of offense during seasons he's able to stay healthy for the most part, and does all the aforementioned without taking very many penalties. That last part in particular is impressive for a defensive player, Sutter's never had more than 25 PIM in an NHL season. And yeah, I think you see more offense from him if he's got wingers that can actually produce. Part of the onus is on him to produce as a center, certainly, but if your wingers can't capitalize.. Not sure what to make of Pearson, he's expressed interest in coming back but I dunno. Could see him being traded to free up cap space and acquire maybe a 2nd or a 3rd and a player.
  4. This. He should have the book thrown at him like anyone else, it may very well be the wakeup call he needs. Nobody should drink and drive, he could have killed someone. If he's got demons he's battling he needs to get help, he's got the resources to access help that most people don't possess.
  5. I don't know why, but I'll never be able to forget this or trapper's delight
  6. If we do retain Sutter it'll have to be on a much cheaper, and likely shorter contract. No doubt. He won't be brought back at 4.3. Could see him getting 2.5-3x2-3, which isn't outrageous for a 3c.
  7. Alright, that's a valid point. But even so, I question how much of that was Green and how much of it was Hughes, Boeser, and Pettersson. Petey was breaking SHL records before he got over here, Boeser came in and was a breath of a fresh air to a stale offense. Hughes is a special player, while his overall performance was enhanced by being paired with Tanev, he'd have produced regardless imo. Green played a part, setting lines and allocating ice time, ect. But even so. I recall last season when there were several people already on the fire Green wagon, I can't say I was. But when it takes Vezina caliber goaltending and career seasons from some players to just barely squeak into the playoffs.. I dunno. There were already question marks.
  8. Man, KB3's the gift that keeps on giving It's so nice to have one of ours in the media mix Haha, damn. Feisty.
  9. Excellent post. For all flack Sutter gets here I honestly wonder if this team is equipped to lose a center like him, though I'm not sure what other options for defensive centers are going to be available in ufa. I'm of the opinion that Sutter's been fine, there have been games over this last stretch where he's been one of our better forwards. Unfortunately we haven't gotten much from Jake and Gaudette after career seasons, and the lack of depth scoring really hurt us. He'd be valuable to Edmonton, but I wonder if we wouldn't be better off extending him. I'm not confident that we have a player in the system aside from Beagle who can play those kind of minutes effectively, and we'll need a center who can play tough defensive minutes next season if we're to be successful. It'd have to be a shorter term deal, and obviously not 4.3m, but I think it's worth considering. Sutter would be more valuable for this team next season than a second round pick.
  10. I could see Jake finding success elsewhere, but I also think it'd take Jake getting out of his hometown comfort zone to experience the necessary wake up call. Away from his friends, family, haunts. I imagine he'd love Cali, most hockey players seem to. He'd be just another guy down there. But yeah, the coaches he's played under don't exactly inspire confidence.
  11. Never heard anything about Letang, it's hard to say tbh
  12. Agreed, as distinguished a hockey career as he's had it's not baggage we need attached to someone we bring in. There are other options for GM or president if that's how Aquaman decides to proceed.
  13. Tram's a unicorn, which is why CDC's never let the topic drop. I desperately hope he comes over, even him just being a 5/6D would still be a gamechanger for us given his size, reach, and skating ability. I follow him on insta, he's liked Canucks related content on and off for a while now. I recall JB wanted to sign him but cap issues got in the way, or at least I remember that being what was reported. Willie's long gone, we've got a bunch of talented youth, don't see why he wouldn't be interested. Podz likely coming over sooner than later doesn't hurt, I imagine isolation wasn't easy last time he was here. Having another Russian would be good for both of em, and there's no way Podz doesn't crack the roster next season. But still, until he's actually signed I'll remain skeptical.