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  1. And @apollo He's the biggest homer round besides maybe Deb, I'm surprised he's not all over this
  2. It's all good, I'll always encourage good fun round here
  3. An orca? A whiskey bottle? An silhouette of Macho Man Randy Savage?
  4. Not a fan, I was a lovely bunch of coconuts and now I'm just a dancing coconut with a rocket.. Yes, I know.. phrasing..
  5. Not a fan of the changes beneath our avatars, I dug the little blurbs and titles. 

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    2. Undrafted


      I agree.


      I was never able to alter mine because you needed to be on one of the social media platforms to do it, but I was always amused at some of the titles other members gave themselves (including yours).


      The world needs more humour around these days, not less.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      One of the mods had a thread where you could change it, but you were taking your chances as to what you got it changed to.

    4. Coconuts


      I hope they find a way to bring that back, it was fun 

  6. We'd have to add, probably more than people might expect. Hughes ain't signed yet either, so his deal would impact any trade we'd make. Arizona doesn't want term and big dollars, and Chychrun seems as good a player for them to build around than any. If anyone on their roster is truly untouchable it's probably him.
  7. Sucks to be him, but Lou Lam and the Isles won't have him in their abode "We will not allow any player in our organization (to) participate unless they are vaccinated," Lamoriello said, according to the New York Post's Mollie Walker.
  8. Agreed, I think he definitely does too. Some of it stems from his contract, which honestly ain't all that bad considering he signed as a UFA. Some of it stems from penalties, and while some of them are definitely on Myers he'll often have his being a bigger dude go against him regarding calls. It happens more often than you'd think and it's irritating, if he hits a smaller guy clean and dude goes flying he won't usually get the benefit of the doubt.
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