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  1. This is a lot more entertaining than I'd have expected things to be after that second period
  2. I'm all for varying takes, and we certainly could have someone other than Juolevi, but posting that sort of thing for the sake of.. whatever his schtick is, it's sad It's rare he posts anything remotely positive
  3. In all the years I've been here you've by far been the most depressingly consistent negative presence
  4. Foxtrot uniform charlie kilo

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    2. Coconuts


      Yeah, it's just been stuck in my head all day :P

    3. goalie13


      On a related note, did you know there is a First United Church of Kelowna?  I always found that amusing.

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Foxtrot uniform charlie kilo Mike echo sierra sierra india echo romeo

  5. Eh, I don't see it as whining or making demands. Doughty, like most NHL players, simply wants to win. Perhaps moreso, given he's had a few tastes of winning at the highest levels. I'd be more concerned if a player wasn't wanting to win, Doughty is simply more outspoken than many other players. His salary certainly doesn't help, but LA gave it to him.
  6. That's just it, whether someone's team tank or not I see it as simply having different takes on how to get what's best for the team going forward. Maybe it's going out on a positive note, maybe it's the same of a door which results in movement and a higher pick. Hard to say, it's all out of our hands regardless of how much we debate this or that. Yeah, things will start to crystalize more once we've got an idea of where we're actually drafting. The draft is gonna be tough this year as players have been harder to scout, maybe a gem drops. Maybe we find gold. I just hope we get a go
  7. I've been on team tank for a while, I'd rather have a high pick. I'd rather us slide to end the season, losing em all, but I'm not gonna complain about a win either as the guys are clearly happier when they win. I'll be too busy with my practicum to watch any of the games anyway, I haven't been able to watch one in weeks. Hoping for lottery luck, but realistically this franchise doesn't get much of that. Any draft related luck we've had in recent years stems from other teams making questionable decisions resulting in dropping players (Hughes/Podz). Obviously Pettersso
  8. Well, if we're gonna win a game at this point in the season it may as well be against Edmonton &^@# the Oilers
  9. Washington, if Ovi got a second I wouldn't care about Wilson
  10. I'll be rooting for you guys, thanks for being such great fans and supporting our boys over in Utica! I wish we'd renewed the affiliation agreement, but it is what it is. All the best!
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