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  1. Remembering that I wanted Severson instead of the abysmal Mallet, placing my draft choices for the Canucks this year to see how I do:


    5- Cody Glass- Fast, High IQ center who gives it his all on both ends. Biased but he would be a fantastic compliment to Bo down the middle.


    33- Grant Mismash- Fantastic shot, another high IQ forward. Shattuck-NTDP-North Dakota is an amazing pedigree, shows the ability and coaching he has received to get the most out of his game.


    55- Max Gildon. Was a phenom as a youth player in Dallas, he isn't as dominant as Werenski and Hanifin were at the NTDP but he has potential to be a very good defender. Solid all around, and shows potential to grow, just needs a patient NHL team.


    64- Jonas Rondbjerg. High work ethic, energy Danish winger. Sound familiar? Upside might not be top 6, but speed and two way ability should make him an NHLer.


    95- Rickard Hugg. Swedish center who's already had a taste of the SHL after excelling in the J20 league and internationally as the captain of the Swedish U18 team. Two way ability and versatility to play wing.


    112-Scott Walford. Local kid, solid two way guy. At this point its anyone's guess where the draft goes but you can never have too many defenders.


    188-Sebastian Aho. Swedish defenseman that has been terrific over there but no NHL team wants to touch him. Last year of eligibility.

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Sebastian Aho's still draft eligible? I've been wanting us to just sign him. Why do you say that no NHL team wants him?

    2. canucklax


      Yeah I checked and outside of North America the limit is 21 before they become an undrafted UFA, which Aho is. No NHL team has used a pick on him, or had him at a prospect camp, despite his terrific play.

    3. Jaku


      I really enjoyed this, thanks! 

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