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  1. You take Lind from this hot mess, and move on. Leaving Vancouver with their salary cap mess. All I can say, is at least after next season the likes of: Beagle, Roussel, Baertschi, Eriksson and Holtby are off the books. With salary off the books this year of: Sutter. If there are deals to be had for Schmidt and Myers, have at it. Virtanen, can move on. Take things realistically, and move on from long time Canuck Edler, and go in a completely different direction.
  2. Dickinson is definitely a good get, he'll improve the defensive zone play in the bottom six. More than likely Sutter's replacement.
  3. More like he just got done doing "blow".
  4. Johnson, McTavish and Hughes would be my best guesses. I think those are the types of targets that are realistic. There are others depending. Fyodor Svechkov would be a great addition after a quality WJC.
  5. Honestly, stripping away the bad contracts. It's not a popular decision, but all of the contracts. In terms of depth, it's RHD. The Canucks do not have the depth of assets to pull off Seth Jones, and not enough cap space to guarantee a long term contract for Jones north of 9M+ that he'll likely ask for.
  6. It's a first dip into the management side for the Twins, having them around the team in any capacity is a plus.
  7. The only thing that the Canucks truly gained from losing those three specific players is a top 10 overall pick. Losing Tanev, to me on the backend is a severe downgrade. I like Schmidt as a player, and some defensemen have come in and had a tough first year and then turn it around. The Holtby signing was a gamble that I didn't think was going to work and hasn't. It's easy to see that Demko is the starter long term here. Injuries, and the COVID shut down of the team, surely didn't help.
  8. He's an upgrade over Tanev, who I love as a heart and soul guy. However, this reminds me of adding Hamhuis back in the day, different players, but it was an impact, that you felt from the top pair down. Good job Benning. We took a slight downgrade in goal, and upgraded in front of Holtby/Demko! Watch out Vegas, we're coming for you!
  9. It sucks to see Chris leave, however at 4 years, that's a little rich on the term. He's going to be missed for sure, but I think Benning sticking to his guns at a 2 year term, was fine. It really stings, but it is what it is. Go get Erik Gustafsson.
  10. Good job Tyler Motte. I remember the Vanek trade when we acquired him, and so many reacted - this is all we got. Well, he earned his sweater today! Great game. The headiness and the nasty play of St Louis came back to bite them in the ass. .
  11. Thank you, Bo Horvat. I remember when the Canucks traded Schneider for #9 overall to draft you! Welcome to your first playoffs, and your coming out party! So clutch!
  12. Brandon Sutter since the start of the play in round has looked stellar. I've always appreciated his game, but he's for sure stepped things up.
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