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  1. Hey just wanted to say that was a great Bure story somebody quoted the thread :P

  2. Why so much hate towards the woo? I have been giving a woo when we score since I started watching the sport hell even playing it.

  3. haha, i wouldn't call myself a junkie, but i definitely listen to them a lot

  4. I'm a Sublime junkie so it stood out to me haha

  5. definitely Robbin The Hood! its great

  6. Robbin The Hood!

  7. Your living in the past haha

  8. That's cool I'd like to check out how it's like over there one day but yeah I love it here.

  9. well since I wanna emigrate then yeah, love it.

  10. Nice nice you like it? Find it any different?

  11. Yeah, 3 times. Plan on being over next year, but 2011 for sure as i'm a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding. Should be fun.

  12. Haha oh really? Well have you been here before?

  13. I will be the judge of that one.

  14. Haha good to hear. But we have the best ;)

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