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  1. Are there any decent coaches available at the moment? No one is coming to mind. love to have Malholtra and Burrows behind the bench though.
  2. I grew up with Brad on the Sunshine Coast. He would tell us stories over the summer about this team he was on.. sounded too funny to be true at the time.
  3. Gem goalie of the later rounds. Very exciting!
  4. Dipietro + 1st for their 6th? If Detroit is looking at goaltending then it’s worth considering.
  5. It’s high for right now. But when you factor in the salary cap rising every year. Combined with the fact He’ll probably play with Kakko and put up ridiculous numbers, this contract won’t look bad in a couple years. Everyone was gasping at Draistl’s contract and think of your view on it now. These contracts always look better a couple years in. the way the league is shaping up you need atleast three elite or semi- elite players on your team. It’s shaping up to look like we have that possibly with Hughes and definitely with Elias. It’s more favourable to do this through the draft but I wouldn’t be against signing a legit all star. where it straps us are the deals like LE. We don’t get to play with money like Tampa. Which is why I think bringing back Gillis isn’t the worst idea. Let him deal with contracts and let Benning find the talent.
  6. The only way to really look at this, is that we possibly got the second best defence an in the draft. If Rasmus is Lidstrom, then Quinn is Rafalski.
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