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  1. World record shattered in the 400M hurdles. Did I say shattered? The Norwegian athlete destroyed the WR, and the OR. All he needed was a flag after the event to join the silver and bronze athletes. Could be the result of all time in the Olympics.
  2. Hassan is running the 5000 right now. Won going away by 20 meters, pulled away from the European Champion.
  3. I have an older gentleman friend from the Islands. All his life in fact. He's a huge UH supporter, and will sit and watch UH Volleyball, baseball, and Wahini softball for hours on the TV. Fun fact, he qb'd his high school football team against Don Ho. I know hey? In the early 2000's UH recruited their waterpolo coach from BC Waterpolo. We went to the campus and visited him, because he coached our son, and the friends we were with, their son too, in Canadian Jr Nationals. I think he was there for about 5 years. I remember friends of ours had two girls that approached the University of the
  4. no, it isn't. my/our preference. Buy a house and I'll mow your lawn, for a price though!
  5. What's wrong with good paying Union jobs?
  6. So did he, moved out, because he needed a home for his growing family. I'm over 70 years old, and come hell or high water I'll never move into a condo. I like our community too, and I know everyone of my neighbours on a first name basis.
  7. Why is UH such a powerhouse Volleyball magnet? Kane or Wahini, both programs are really good. Quite a few Canadians end up on the campus for Volleyball too.
  8. Which, btw, aren't very popular with the folks that paid $1M to purchase. A relative of mine lived in one of those condos in the OV, and was always complaining about the riff raff around the site. Those places have never seemed to work in places when folks with money are supposed to live with those that aren't. I believe its called Nimbyism? You should have heard all the clatter over a site that the City of Burnaby set up in the parking lot of the Central Valley fields. There goes the neighbourhood, oh no, now I have to lock up everything in my property. On paper all these proposals look fanta
  9. That, alone could be the story of the Olympics. She is also running two other distances, and had to do that to advance to the semi's. Did you notice that one of the prone runners might have been spiked in the buttocks in that crash? Gutsy effort from the Canadian sisters too. The 1500 is now a sprint with these athletes.
  10. I'll be very honest with you, not often. However, I've driven the Hope/Princeton far more than I care to imagine. Which seems to get upgraded by about 10km every once in the blue moon. Ski resorts in Europe are far more windy than the hwy to Whistler ever was, and yet they've held Olympics in Lillihammer Norway and the Mountain resort in France, Grenoble, and Sapporo Japan. To me that upgrade was more for the folks with the recreational property, rather than deal with the major congestion in the Lower Mainland. Like, the North and South Fraser regions. 11 years later and they've finally decide
  11. You've brought up so many great points. I still think the Sea to Ski Hwy was totally unneeded. Just the cost alone to get through Caulfied was through the roof. Anyone traveling to the ferry terminal knows that. The Olympic Committee weren't allowing any extra "tourists" to Whistler for security reasons alone. The retractable roof on BC Place was never fully published, the contractor lost their shirts, the Convention Center cost way more than it will ever recoup, and how much did the small communities benefit from the Olympic legacy? The Campbell Gov't in their infinite wisdom decided to toll
  12. Where would this Country be without the Canadian women competing in these games?
  13. A friend of ours that lives in Yokohama, said she's very disappointed that they went ahead with the Olympics. She isn't getting her first vaccination until sometime this month, and she's close to 50 years old. A first world country being that far behind the rest of the Group of 7. Not the Canadian painters, you folks know who I mean, it's early.
  14. It sure does. Right along the lines of a Republican held State.
  15. Apparently the doctors and medical professionals are pushing back on this mandate. But hell what do they know? The little man with the big hat is an expert on this, so he says.
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