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  1. I just spoke to my cousin who lives in Red Deer Alta., a cancer survivor, and double vaccinated. She spent 16 days in hospital, not intubated though, however, medical staff asked her what her wishes were in case. An entire surgical ward in the Red Deer hospital was being used for Covid patients. GET VACCINATED!
  2. Pro athletes, politicians, in this day and age they're all targets. But, a GM's son is a whole lot of crazy.
  3. When the ref's arm went up, I said Zadina ran into Garlands back. I hope they (the ref's) don't put a target on Garland for the rest of the year. The guy is a ball of energy. OEL an CG have brought new life and passion to this team. The Canucks completely dominated the Wings in the third, but a hot goaltender can do that for his team, like Demko did in the bubble playoffs. OEL was lucky he didn't get a spearing penalty as well.
  4. For the most part, the Canucks are getting out of their own zone much easier this season. Fewer fire drills in their own end, by far. One thing I've noticed, and it's only parts of two games, OEL and Garland, are playing with some passion this season. The look on OEL's face when VP scored his first career goal was priceless. Plus, as a team over thirty shots on goal per game is a good thing, right?
  5. They were in the middle of the pack until Capt Kurt went down for the season.
  6. You, @Boudrias, @Alflives, and I are not quite Joes age and experience. Shaky Walton was as well, when he was on this board. Must be a few more.
  7. ...and my coach. He was a helluva WHL player for the Canucks. So many of those guys had a cup of coffee in the 6 team NHL, so many of them were truly good enough to play in the NHL, a numbers game back then.
  8. Go for it! Like everything else you've posted, I call bs.
  9. drummer4now, I'm beginning to wonder if you are in fact vaccinated. You've been on this board yakking the same nonsense over and over again, and all the while going through everything from rights, to losing jobs, to science, to religion, I don't get it, or you. Quit ^*$&ing trolling, and go get vaccinated so we all can get on with our lives. 20 and 30 year old people are now dying from this virus, but not according to you, it was like the flu.
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