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  1. Agreed. At first I was worried when it said he wouldn't cooperate. Glad the qualifying statement regarding the need to make it public came so soon after. Good job Sopes.
  2. While I agree with the sentiment, he was willing to wait it out (IIRC it is 2 yrs, but I haven't cared to look in a long time), and Quebec traded him for a nice haul. Regardless, he is still the choice for this poll. Edit: unbelievable the haul Quebec got for Lindros: Steve Duchesne in his prime, Ron Hextall arguably in his prime, a young Mike Ricci, two 1st rounders, $15 million, and the 6OA from Lindros' draft year... Peter Forsberg. Man, did the Nords ever make out on that deal.
  3. And here I thought they were all (the Canadian ones, at least) paid to watch games, form analyses, and then ignore everything they see and write stuff to fluff up the Leafs and Oilers.
  4. I'm happy enough. No big splash on UFA means no huge overpayment on one of them. I don't think there was a bad signing in the bunch, and I am comfortable with the OEL trade. I believe the D got better, and who knows what is going to happen with better coaching. Was hoping to see a good year outta Schmidt, but if he really was unhappy and/or clashing with JT, then it is what it is, and moving him was the right thing to do.
  5. I posted too quickly, and didn't see you beat me to it ^^
  6. Breaking News!! Due to public outcry regarding waterboarding, the CIA has been searching for years for a suitable replacement technique. Look out people, they are now subjecting people to dogboarding! They hang you upside down and let a dog lick your face until you crack.
  7. How do the bonuses work, capwise? Do we have flexibility what year they apply to, so that if (when) we get some cap room due to injury, we can apply some/all to 21/22 and whatever is left to 22/23?
  8. Sure doesn't hurt having someone on our D with some extended & recent playoff experience, too.
  9. Absolutely. Keller sure isn't going to fill that void. But then, that's a tough one to fill. He was a beast. Not the same level as Doan, but them losing Garland probably wont help their cause. Grit and skill is a great combo.
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