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  1. Ok, we have two. Two people. Caaaaaan we get a third. Do I hear three? C'mon, is there three. You there, in the red cap, is that a bid? No? Sold, at two.
  2. Yep. At first when I saw it waved off, I thought they were calling a high stick deflection, but the replay was pretty clear that they got that call right. Unfortunate, but the right call.
  3. Except for Garland getting the Burrows Treatment. Hope the league doesn't bring Auger back Not that I want Garland to change, man what a steal.
  4. Hey @wallstreetamigo wondering when calls will even up Man, that was awful reffing in the 3rd. At least as bad as our power play. How Garland gets a penalty for that hit is beyond me. Illegal hit to head when Zadina hits his head on Garland's back, AND the refs weren't going to call anything originally??? And no penalty on the retaliation on Garland's next shift is just plain stupid. Oh well, it was fun to watch, putting the anger aside.
  5. They should even out. Not sure it has yet, and not sure it is getting more balanced, but that is possibly in part to homer-glasses. There was someone here in recent years who tried to keep track for a whole season, looking at each Canuck game and analyzing each call and potential missed calls for both sides. I'm not that anal about it, but it was fun to see the follow-up once in a while. You're right... they have to be confident about it, and live with the mistakes that everyone makes.
  6. Agreed. As nice as it would be to get it right, all the time, it would ruin the game. In this instance, it is disappointing, since it was clear on replay, before the ref announced the call, that it was not a penalty. But I get it... he "saw" the infraction, and has to call a penalty.
  7. Refs screw up. It happens. It is sad that they can't review it, or overturn it, but that's the way it is. I saw what I saw. I double checked, because what I see isn't always correct. But I could see hit him the puck, and not the face. Turns out, I was right. Nice for a change, considering how often I have to correct myself on "bad calls" real time.
  8. I could tell it wasn't a penalty, real time, and the camera view was much further away than the ref's. The stick clearly hit the puck. The hook on Petey's 2nd breakaway in OT was a no-brainer call, but somehow the refs missed that, too. The penalty shot he should have gotten away result could have kept it from going to a shootout. But then we would have missed JTs beauty.
  9. Can't say I've heard them much. But the sound of the play by play guy's voice just gets me, same as so many others out east, with one of the worst being the thankfully retired Doc Emrick. So many of them sound like they should be in a 40s gangster movie, with all the nasally twangs n such. Maybe I'm too picky But we have been spoiled with Robson, Hughson and Shorty. Especially Robson, for those that got to hear him.
  10. Hated the guy's voice, so had it really quiet. But, he did show some similar excitement when the Canucks had some good chances, so I too gotta give him some credit. Just one more reminder how good it is to live on the west coast. So many obnoxious voices/people over there.
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