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  1. banned for banning me, don't ban me a$$hole
  2. banned for having an avatar in which it looks as fin is fingering itself while hanging from a rope
  3. banned for probably actually banning me by reporting me, my warn level is sooo high
  4. banned for pointing a gun at me that's cool about futurama
  5. banned for making me want to watch futurama.......... it seems like it's never on anymore wtf!!!
  6. wtf is wrong with you? you can't actually like this can you? aren't you like a 17 year old guy? not a 10 year old girl? you raise many questions with me P.I. plus one for the person who posted the mars volta........ not something I'd expect from a taylor swift fan tho
  7. Oh yeah, they are in UBC's Anime Club and Wargamer's Society.

  8. I'm not a huge animal collective fan but this song is really cool
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