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  1. Because this management isn't smart generally speaking. They spend poorly, which then creates problems to try to resolve that issue, and then another problem pops up. I don't think there is another GM or management that is under as much scrutiny as Benning and his team since he's taken the helm here in Vancouver. The only reason I think that Aquilini keeps him around is that he's a yes man.
  2. 6.5? Hell no. Management be &^@#ing happy with that, Hughes no way in hell he would sign that. Short changing himself if he signed that deal. He's probably looking at Makar or Heiskenan money and deals. I'm not sure if he's worth that with the season he had last year. Makar, head and shoulders above Hughes at least for right now. If Hughes can prove he can be defensively responsible and can be a number one defenseman on this team, then he deserves every penny and dollar he gets, just like Makar. But until that happens, no deal. This is interesting where these negotiations are headed. Training camp just getting under way, and still both the team's star players not signed yet. If those guys really wanted to win as badly, especially with what Pettersson has said this summer, well, this is where the rubber meets the road. Talk is cheap.
  3. if Dahlin was somehow traded here for Hughes, there is no &^@#ing way he takes a discount just because of a legacy of Swedes on this team. Hell, Pettersson isn't taking no discount.
  4. Kaprizov got 5 years. There's no way we should sign Petey and walk him straight to UFA status. That would be the dumbest move Benning could make for this team. Feels like to me, it's term for Pettersson, and that he might not be convinced that Benning is the guy to make this team a competitive one. If it's not term, then what could be taking so long for management to sign Pettersson and now Hughes as well?
  5. I think it's tough for larger players. They manhandle their way to the NHL, and maybe they don't even play the right way. It's too bad, where smaller players have to learn to play the right way, and they have to fight through everything. I think with players like Virtanen, they had their road way too easy. He really struggled once he got to the pro levels - even the AHL, but especially the NHL. I mean, Virtanen has regressed to the point where he doesn't even throw bodychecks anymore. Wouldn't be surprised if Garland was more physical than Jake ever was.
  6. Yeah, I know that defense is played as a six man unit. But it helps that you have quality, and the more high end defenseman, the better the six man unit will play. Better players begets better overall team play. I agree with you in that Brad Shaw will have a great effect on the team. I'm looking forward to his effect on the ice, as well as on Green's coaching as well.
  7. That’s true. I would agree that Höglander, Garland and Motte are fierce competitors. Even if they are on the smaller side, they’re that much more determined than say, Virtanen is, who has size above all of them, but has zero competitive drive. I’d take the smaller guy every single day of the &^@#ing week, if their drive is that intense.
  8. Yea, that's true. Might also give management a false sense that their defense is better than it actually is as well. Let's hope Benning is smarter than that.
  9. Wonder if they're related somehow. Cousins, maybe?
  10. Really want to see him play. Seems like an excellent pick up by Benning.
  11. Things are getting down to the wire for contract talks. I wonder what's the hold up....
  12. There's another Hughes?? There's FOUR OF THEM.
  13. Where would that place him on the Canucks last season at 46.3 percent?
  14. The more important question is how does he look out there on the ice?
  15. Virtanen truly a waste of talent and skill. Höglander and Garland, later picks, but they have the “it” that Jake never had. The draft is truly a crapshoot. You can get a player like Garland in the 5th round, but have a bust in a top ten pick in Jake. Go figure.
  16. They have to start winning soon, or else none of the players will take less to win.
  17. Lockwood seems to me like another version of Motte. Time will tell.
  18. Yeah. No gaurantee that Podkolzin would come to NA to play either, as that's always the risk with Russians.
  19. I'd have to agree that I think Petan is a good solid depth piece for the Canucks that can fill in when needed. But is probably not going to slot into the line up consistently. He hasn't even cracked 20 points in the NHL. But you never know. He's on the wrong side of 25 years old at this stage of his career, but maybe something clicks for him and he produces. who knows? If he surprises and puts in 20-25 points, that could be a major coup for the man. Give him some more confidence moving forward.
  20. Whatever the cost might be, gotta sign it if you're the Canucks. Cannot afford to lose Petey. He is the franchise at this point.
  21. was hoping Petey's and Hughes' deals would be announced today. Guess we'll have to wait a little longer.
  22. I think I saw somewhere that there was rumors of 8x8 and 8x3. I'm assuming based off of Petey's comments in the Summer, that he's signed 8x3, and Hughes is for 8x8. Tell me I'm wrong.
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