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  1. So why are you talking, you know as much as me pal
  2. That’s exactly what Petey is trying to do.
  3. This was a good flick despite the reviews. anyone seen it?
  4. Not interested in joining the 5th fiddle of fantasy hockey leagues here. Thanks though.
  5. You are actually cool though.
  6. And the same core always stay. Wonder why that is. This league has a history of mass resignations. The same core always stays. I sense a trend.
  7. I heard the simmer likes burgers, cuddles and taking naked selfies, is this correct? If so count me in.
  8. Never be scared to say hi to your heroes.
  9. Canes release Jake Debrusk, Jeff Weber, Denis Malgin, Jacob Larsson, Martin Bishop and David Rittich.
  10. canes waive maxim williams recall szilard onofrej
  11. Canes place claim on Jeff Weber
  12. Canes release Jake Guentzel and Roope Hintz
  13. Canes release Anthony Beauvillier and Marcus Hogberg
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