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  1. Was Dickinson ever advertised as someone who could bring offense? I thought he was coming in as a solid defensive centreman who could bring stability to our bottom six. I would love if Dickinson could bring offense but we've been lacking a true bottom-six centerman who can actually defend in the defensive zone for a long time, I mean since the days of Malholtra. So if Dickinson can fill that role, I'm more than happy.
  2. Yes, it is a keytar!! Impressed you know what it's called hahaha!
  3. I know we're only 3 games into the season, so I may be getting a little ahead of myself here. I just wanted to state that OEL and Garland have been two standouts of the team so far in the young season. OEL, as of right now, looks crisp, he's playing with a ton of emotion and standing up for teammates in scrums. If this is the guy we are going to have for the next seven years, I will gladly take it. Based on what everyone was saying about his declining play prior to the start of the season did have me worried, but man, he really showed to the regular season. I'm not saying he hasn't made mistakes, I just want to focus on the positives that he has brought to the table. I never expected OEL to be able to play with the amount of emotion that he has shown so far. I'm glad we have a Swedish defenceman that can bring some flare to the back end. I loved Edler but he was way too monotonus for me. Garland has already won my heart as a fan. He plays a lot like how Burrows used to play, but Garland has a lot more skill than Burrows did. That celly he scored against Detroit yesterday was insane. And top of that, he was able to agitate the entire Red Wings bench. His speed, tenacity and drive every shift has been invigorating to watch. Even though the games have not exactly gone our way so far, the games have all been entertaining, and these two are big reasons why. I'm looking forward to our next game already!!!
  4. Good guy to fill in while we have a few guys on IR. Excited to see what he can do at camp.
  5. I completely agree. I was honestly expecting Benning to make a play for a HUGE RHD ie Hamilton. The RHD is a massive liability of our team, we are kind of crossing our fingers and hoping Poolman pans out. But this team lacks a game-changing dman on the right side, and it will cost us if we make the playoffs.
  6. You typed a lot of stuff out that was summed up with what I bolded. The guy has less than 150 games played in the NHL, I'd say let the guy and the team play a few games before getting critical. Also, you can YouTube clips of the guy, you know that right? We do live in 2021.
  7. I'm just hoping our new defense coach is able to work out the kinks with these two. I feel they are both quality defenseman with some holes in their game.
  8. That is true, I did not account for the losses that all three of those teams had over the last few days. I apologize. I still think Colorado is a powerhouse, a team with Makar, Landeskog, MacKinnon and Rantenen will be able to contend for a playoff spot. Vegas does look a lot worse now now that they lost Fleury and Minny is mainly a defensive team.
  9. I appreciate you giving me real stats to look at and not just bashing my opinion without any backup like most people on this thread. I feel like most posters here are just bandwagoners who don't even actually watch the Canucks.
  10. I think we are only making the playoffs because the rest of the division is looking so weak. Once we are in and we have to contend against real teams, that's where we are going to falter. How do we beat Colorado, Minnesota, Vegas?
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