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  1. After a couple seasons of constant chatter about relocation and expansion/contraction, the real meat in this matter comes forth. Instead of debating the pros and cons about the support in a city and if it is big enough to hold onto the club long-term, the city of Seattle becomes a player. I've long thought the Emerald City should have another team that could participate for Lord Stanley's chalice. The only real hang-up is the lack of an arena. There are plans in place tenatively for a venue called te Emerald City Center which looks extravagant. The history is there and of course Vancouv
  2. http://www.chillerinstinct.com With the Canucks entering Game 7 of the Western Conference quarterfinal against the vilified and rival Chicago Blackhawks, one must put the goal-keeping controversy aside and think solely upon the team's play as just that - the team. In the past, that is what foiled the attempts put forth by Vancouver versus Chicago in the playoffs. The Blackhawks as a team were superior to the Canucks. Without getting into specifics and hashing all kinds of statistics and such, the intangibles will be the deciding factor. Period The depth of the team will become the fo
  3. On my website at Chiller Instinct.com, I annually publish a report on the thirty best prospects coming into view league-wide. Recently finished, I invite you to take a few moments to catch up on all the little tidbits you might not have known about some of these dynamic youngsters... Follow my link below to check out my thoughts on Cody Hodgson (ranked #24) on my blog at: http://prosportsblogging.com/nhl-hockey/vancouver-canucks/prospect-profile-cody-hodgson/ or by all means head to http://www.chillerinstinct.com for the latest on the top 30 hot young prospects ready to turn the leagu
  4. While the prospects tournament is underway, I thought it prudent to give the fandom something to take home with them. Information. On each and every prospect in the system or even on a tryout contract, I have laid out some of the general little tidbits for you to gather up and take with you to the watercooler. I examine the forwards, defense, and netminders that are set to make their mark. While not all the kids are in Penticton to play against the Oilers, Flames, Ducks, and Sharks this week, it is also important to keep tabs on many of the others. I noticed that the tendancy is to draft
  5. This is my lead article on http://www.chillerinstinct.com/ right now and I implore you to have a closer look at one of the game's first true superstars. There is a reason that his son Fred Taylor Jr. saw fit to name an entire sporting good store chain after his sire. As I was working on a profile for Cyclone Taylor for a European/Swedish database site that I work for (Eliteprospects.com), I got more and more intrigued about the legacy of the man. Every once in a while I put up a prospect or two and try to find a classic/early days player not found in the 81,000+ players situated on thei
  6. James, fantastic work on your interview. This is a must read for all Canucks' fans.
  7. If you liked that...head over to Chiller Instinct ( http://www.chillerinstinct.com/ ) I have plenty of interviews with Johan Nilsson of ELite Prospects and more...Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  8. As the drama that continues to be the Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes ownership and possible relocation saga unfolds, another nasty little detail comes out 'in the wash' at the close of last month. While it took me a few days to collaborate some of the details surrounding the management issues, I realize that the release of Doug Moss as President and COO of the franchise (since 2002) is just another red flag as the team is paving the way now for the Ice Edge Holdings prospective ownership group. The current owners (the league itself) thanked Moss for his service and stated that he was lea
  9. Alex Freisen will make this organization rhyme worth and mirth together down the road. The recent 6th rounder has won major awards at the Ontario Hcokey League level and this season was voted by popular decision (OHL coaches poll) as the league's Best Faceoff Man AND Hardest Working Player Kudos Alex. See my entire write-up on the kid entitled "The Frieght Unknown" Certainly NHL Central Scouting (he was not even on their listing) did not value him the way the Canucks did and it shows in GM Mike Gillis' comments. "He's a very hard-nosed player, really good on faceoffs," Gillis said."H
  10. Yeah, he is going to be a definite favourite when I come around to selecting the Chiller Instinct Top Prospects Guide for 2010-2011.Here are the previous ones in the CI 'prospects' listing: http://www.chillerinstinct.com/prospects/ Draft day is so much fun.
  11. Canucks fans and hockey enthusiasts...today is 2010 Draft Day in the NHL. One of the most exciting and optimistic days among fans and glorious and dicey among management. The perfect storm in Fandom. What we all want is solid information. Well, a whole year has passed since Vancouver selected Swedish winger Anton Rödin with the 53rd overall pick. He has had a year more of development and I took the opportunity to catch up with my Swedish hockey insider Johan Nilsson of EliteProspects.com . It covers the 2010 World Junior Championships, Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson (EDM), his role in the Swedish
  12. The Vancouver Canucks have often selected Swedish hockey players as part of the re-stocking process for the organization. Alexander Edler, the Sedins, Mattias Ohlund are all classic examples. The Canucks will most likely have to display a flair in the scouting department to bring in a nice catch this draft, with only one pick in the top 100 players. I caught up with a cohort of mine, Johan Nilsson of Elite Prospects (DOT COM), to get some insight from a Swedish perspective on some of their eligible prospects headed into the draft on Friday. He had a number of good things to say abou
  13. They will undoubtedly need to uncover a 'gem' or two to make this a productive draft. It will be very interesting how they act with only one pick in the top 100. Exciting stuff; I always love the draft.
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