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  1. I heard Podkolzin is 6.5 and 236 now.
  2. See what hes got at training camp. Hoping hes a big future blender mixture of a Tofolli Podkolzin.
  3. No...i was on vacation that summer and stopped taking Jimbos calls. it was Ryan Johnson who told Jimbo to get Loui E, Ryan secretly wanted Jimbo fired so he’d get the Canucks gm job.
  4. I know exactly what Jimbo is doing cuz I suggested it to him last night when he called me Jimbo said “Harry what should i do different in Abby”. I said “ Jimbo think outside of the box, and stop calling me for advice, if you keep this up im going to have to charge you.” Jimbo” but Harry i need your hockey insight” i said “ ok Jimbo...this is what you do. You gotta have Abby play a 2-2-2 system, 2 forwards, 2 defense man and 2 goalies” Jimbo “ oh my god Harry your a Genius” and that was last night, then today Jimbo got another
  5. Poolman looks Good playing with Brock. who said he has no offense? i like this new Canuck Kid. He’s No# 3 Go Canucks Go
  6. Do Canucks got enough Cap space? just too sign these 2. Im not sure where the Canucks cap is now. i would of thought signing your teams 2 best players would be 1st priority.
  7. Its the official HH lineup....or til I change my mind. Whos got the Puck? Canucks do all game. Podkolzin- Peterson- Boeser Pearson - Horvat- Garland Motte - Miller- Hoglander MacEwen- Dickinson- Highmore 4 lines that are Solid at center with grit that’ll get it done. OEL- Myers Hughes- ? Rathbone- ? OJ Demko ...and backup is ? Go Canucks Go
  8. WhoooooOP!!! WhoooooOP!!!! i dont know whos going to play the rightside but this upcoming season...but..
  9. Its pretty obvious Canucks are still in cap hell and need every penny to sign the big 2 Petey and Quinn. for Me Quinn is a tricky signing your know Makar signed for 9mil and also as soon as hes an UFA he’ll likely bolt to play with his brothers. So its a fine line with limited cap space for Jimbo. You gotta sign him to length but not long enough to be a UFA at the end of the contract. Quinns a 8mil player imo. Not a 7mil like fans are hoping. anywho We gotta sign the big 2 asap every other player doesnt matter til these 2 are signed. I would rather have these 2 locked up
  10. Lukas Jasek Canucks keep his rights so
  11. I like this Zadorov character. Hes Big and a righty Dman. i use to easily trade for this guy in EA hockey. I luv how i could crush other players with this Russian beast. uhhh...good times
  12. I like the trade thought of “Holtby for Marshmallow Ritchie” Canucks can with the marshmallow man
  13. I like Bert jr alot, but Canucks need to sign EP40 and Quinn first imo too see where they’re at with cap space. before diving into more players too sign.
  14. Im very happy Lukas Jasek is still Canucks property. I like this Kid. hes got a crazy standup faceoff but it works great. He a good bottom sixer imo.
  15. Im excited, the more you watch him the more you like this Kid. Great pickup and hes a good friend of Rathbone. i was first very shocked at this trade but im realizing this is actually pretty good. theres good times ahead Go Canucks Go
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