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  1. Jimbo loves energy motor guys. I gotta feeling Highmore is a Motter 2.0. If that’s the case I’m happy.
  2. He’s a young Righthanded D man. So.....I’m not 100% convinced he’s was just picked up for the expansion draft. if Bowey was a lefty then I would say yes to he was brought in for the expansion draft. but maybe that’s Jimbo plan. A young righty is more attractive for Seattle to take. So all in all....I don’t know. It’s a wait and see.
  3. so is Jasek 3rd line center material now that Gaud is gone? How close is this guy? Years away or just a summer away from possibility of getting a shot With the Canucks.
  4. Oiler player Messier - fine Ranger player Messier - fine Canuck player Messier - horrible, was an even uglier Loui E contract thats was full of talk and BS. The worst Canuck and fan hated in Canucks history. Anywho Podkolzin is a 19yr old Beast, im so excited for him as a Canuck. fitts in on all lines and special teams. He a much needed piece of the puzzle.
  5. Have you seen him play on the small NHL ice in the last 3yrs? small ice Big Trym, im thinking he’ll be better then fine. but its a wait and see. We gotta find out. Imo his first time as a young Canuck he wasnt too bad i can only think hes going to be better.
  6. Im thinking this Podkolzin kid might be pretty good.
  7. https://www.cheknews.ca/shows/donnie-and-dhali-the-team/ 10-noon new Don Taylor show live stream
  8. No problem, Your well come....now put your mind at ease, Lord knows you probably need your beauty sleep.
  9. No i listened to the Sh1t 650 interview with Diamond. just listen for yourself /\ the 650 guys were crap interviewers. Its god awful. What are your thoughts of the interview Vancouverhabitant ?
  10. This thread LoL In 50 years the Canucks have never ever have had a plan. ever. this Jimbo Team is the closest Canucks have ever had too any kind of long term plan. Draft develope play. ive heard the Vancouver media come up with this BS no plan story, Come on......it’s BS. Let’s make this thread in 5 years after the draft picks, cycle or don’t cycle on too this Canuck team. One of the the biggest problems is the Vancouver Fans and media,.....example. What’s Canucks going to do at the TDL. Fans Media want tons of stupid short term things too happen
  11. Hope the Canuck Covid sickos get better soon. In the mean time do some Canuck scouting by watching other teams play or get exercise by walking a dog. Or count down til the draft lotto.
  12. From March 11th 2021 https://www.sportsnet.ca/650/reach-deep/todd-diamond-next-nikita-tryamkin/ The Vancouver Radio guys Interviewing are horrible.....they bring nothing to the interview but bad vibes. In Diamonds last Sportsnet radio interview (which was a month back) he said Tryamkin wants to play in the NHL next season but Diamond said they won’t wait long for Canucks to get the contract talks going. IMO If Canucks don’t call quickly Diamond will look for other options other then the Canucks. Last off-season Jimbo and Canucks manage didn’t have thei
  13. I hope them all a speedy recovery from the Covid 19 Trump flu. but, Canucks do need a break from the long pre season. I Cant wait for the Season to start this October
  14. How about this Utica. Free streaming of Comets games in BC.
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