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  1. Mmmmm.....Mike Keenan years, and Torts good times, Vancouver Hockey gold shower years.
  2. It really sounds like Comets are the team too watch this Season. What im reading and hearing reminds me alot of the old Moose team. Future Canucks growin and jellin in the A. definitely plz with what im hearing from the farm. Seems like all Its all coming together. Big Gadjovich is even skatin faster. Thats Awesome. Go Canuck Comets Go
  3. I havent seen to much of Jaseks play. but could there be a future Canucks PK unit of Jasek and Pod in your opinion.
  4. Rathbone Woo growing and developing together as a pairing gotta be a good thing. hoping for great future things from that dual.
  5. It’s full scouting dempartment team at play , they debate and rate. Jimbo then looks at it all ,asks more questions to scouts, watches video to see for himself. In the end it’s Jimbo call , but Scouting staff needs to bring prospect to the table and make the case for draft consideration. thats how I see it, but I’m not there and Jimbo stopped taking my calls.
  6. Love to see Pod in a Canuck uni ASAP but Canucks are done this season and people bitch about cap space so I don’t see any reason to burn a year of his Rookie entry level contract. Yes they got Hughes in to a few early games and burnt a year. now Canucks have to sign him big. It could have been pushed back a year. So Loui is gone. All I’m sayin is keep low contracts going as long as possible so Canucks can weed out the Bad contracts. If Pods plays this season him and Hoglander will have to be signed at the same time which imo gives them both players leverage for higher contracts, cuz they both play a similar style of game , agents would use that leverage or maybe Canucks could. I don’t know. Safer splitting up the contract years. Plus Pods concussion, Canucks can’t tell SKA not to play him til he’s 100%. I would rather Canucks start Pods at train camp so we know he should be 100%. Also both he and Tryamkin should come over together and start Canucks Camp. it’ll be a better environment for both of them.
  7. The Universe is giving us a Crappy season but its also going to give us a great draft.
  8. I wonder if Pods agent Igor Larionov would be able to persuade SKA to release him after there season ends. Even if its only a few days or weeks earlier.
  9. Its cuz the universe wants to add a top draft pick for Canucks multiple Cup runs. its just science and you can’t fight science. Go Canucks Go