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  1. Road Games actually help teams build chemistry and gell. Tons of new faces on this team so as far as im concerned this is actually what this team needs too start off the season. Go Canucks Go
  2. 92 points is my guess. Canucks need 89 now with 79 gamez to go. Go Canucks Go
  3. Corey was ok, I prefer him over any Aberta HNIC tv guys we unfortunately get on Saturday games. luv John G. Hes a classic. Onto next game.
  4. Im sure there won’t be to many boring home games this season. This teams small but tons of big motors.
  5. Outa Halloween candy i gotta battle the weather to stockup again. As far as Canucks game, bad luck , the team needed a game like this. A win would of been nice ending of the game but this team is gelling and Battling. This squad will be a beast of a team. Im sure of it. Tons of hart and soul. Just gotta work on the special teams. Go Canucks Go Dont forget to brush your teeth, and battle the plak monster.
  6. Bad luck game,….but Canucks as a team are bonding. So im ok with this. Canucks are leveling up after this game.
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