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  1. It’s more the severson. It’s ty Smith. Zacha and 2 high drat picks.
  2. You must be smoking some good stuff if you think Hughes will get anywhere close to 70 point seasons. Hughes is a good Player (40-50 points) Maybe. Maybe borderline great (55-60) but he will not be elite (70+++) his shot his not like burns, his passing is not like karlsson and his speed is, well slightly above average. Stop with obsessive devotion to these players, they are all tradable assets, only keep the elite, that’s MAYBE one player on our team.
  3. Thank you, someone who sees my point of view. Hughes in all probability is going to turn out to be similar to Tory Krug. Same as Ty Smith, but bigger. With the added bonus of Severson and reclamation project in Zacha, who is expendable now with them drafting Jack Hughes.
  4. We need the cap space too. But Ottawa needs it more. Floor is 64 million and this team is only 69. Eriksson still hold late round draft pick value.
  5. Don’t get too trapped in the Hughes hype, he’s a good player, but won’t classify him as great, he won’t be winning Norris trophies. Severson is the new PP quarterback at 24. Smith was taken in same draft as Hughes and had very productive Junior career.