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  1. I miss hockey. Is it October yet?

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    2. Kenny Powers

      Kenny Powers

      Haha...yes! Need to watch that movie again.


      re. NFL - same for me. Beyond NHL I haven't cared enough about other sports to the point of following offseason moves, trade rumors, draft, prospects, message boards & pools, etc. If I did, though, it would be NFL.


      the wheel said Broncos, but I hear thats a loser pick. I'll go back to the Hawks. See if I can find my Brian Blades Upper Deck trading card.

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      I hear ya, I used to consider myself below the curve on NFL news, but it was rather eye opening in Chicago, Green Bay and Denver (trip to see 3 November games in 10 days) to find Americans I spoke to impressed with the knowledge I did have about the game. I've since upgraded my knowledge to marginal. Ha! 


      One dude in Chicago was so stoked I knew Amari Cooper was drafted by Oakland that he gave us Canadians a free cab ride to Soldier Field (before the Bears played crap to the Broncos). Not to mention he encouraged us to drink a few of our tailgate beers on the way down.


      I've never had anything against Denver, anyone calling that a loser pick is just a hater. If anything it's in the same category as bandwagon pick. But hey, pick whoever you want and don't let anyone give you $&!# for it.





    4. Kenny Powers

      Kenny Powers

      Awesome getting the nod from US fans - well done!



  2. fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless