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  1. I must have a Munchy Box at some point during my life.

    1. Scottish⑦Canuck


      Heart attack in a box. But sooooooo gooooood.

    2. brilac


      I always wanted a Munchy Box, is that like Taco Bell?

  2. I've missed you power.

  3. Blair's Death Rain Chips are yummy.

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Hell yeah. Love the buffalo chicken ones. Good heat but amazing flavour

    2. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Where do you buy them? Haven't had those in years.

    3. Tanev's Smirk

      Tanev's Smirk

      I got them at London Drug's.

      The Habanero recipe seems to have changed slightly.

  4. Cancelling cable has turned out to be a damn good move.

  5. I think I've eaten too much pie... better have some more.

    1. brilac


      Pie is always the best, especially with wine.

  6. I've seen this movie before.

  7. It has been almost an hour JB. What gives?

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      IKR? atl east 5 more deals should have been done :P

    2. Phil_314


      Out to an early dinner? His phone died after calling so much in the morning?

      The possibilities are endless.

  8. They better trade Burrows as well or I've prepared a response for no reason.

  9. Almost time for NCIS! (Why am I watching NCIS?)

  10. Well my very lackluster searching abilities revealed there was not a thread for PC gamers. I could very well have just skimmed over it, but I can't recall ever seeing one here. Well there's one here now. So... Star Citizen is looking gorgeous.
  11. Too. Much. Candy. . .

    1. PrideInThisTeam


      I'm not sure which I have more of..Chocolate or alchohol..Likely a 50/50 split. Makes for a good New Years.

    2. euphoria/


      No. Such. Thing.

  12. I really shouldn't be watching cat videos on Youtube, but I'm going to anyway.

  13. This adventure in Youtube's music section has gotten weird.

    1. kodos


      New You - My Bloody Valentine

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles
    3. kodos


      ^ Totally. Also Paint a Rainbow by MBV

  14. My dang Corsair HS1 just crapped out on me. :(

    1. Watermelon


      I am not an angry person but video games make me rage so I stick to the 20-30dollar headsets instead of the 200dollar ones

    2. Tanev's Smirk

      Tanev's Smirk

      This is more of a cord issue. It needs to be severely contorted to have any sound whatsoever. Time to get a pair of Siberia V2's I guess.

    3. Watermelon


      Oh, those are really nice

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