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  1. Go to page 1 or 2 at check archives you'll see who 99% of our gms are/were
  2. Not a clue what you are talking about re: percentages. It has literally been like what 2 days and ive been listening. I would rather nobody quit. I'd prefer everyone enjoys the game. I personally would not implement a rule change until a date after a season or say the beginning of free agency etc. The fact we were far from the draft I'd have thought that was acceptable. Off the bat it was except for a complaint by a team that just traded for a lottery pick and a team publically positioning towards draft assets at expense of a roster. It snowballed from there. Be nice if we could take a little time to sort through the conjecture and figure it out.
  3. Thats fine it can be discussed its just disappointing the level of upset and consequential quitters involved. Its the perception that fellow GMs being labeled execs ( which I hate anyways ) are colluding or the old boys club and both surfer and bomba have spoken of this many a time before its almost expected they'd be a couple guys to quit off the bat. Door is always open and people shouldn't assume this executive is not listening or all at the same level of privy
  4. Haha every few years a handful leave at the same time over something dramatic. Door is always open for dialogue and discussing things. Multiple pages of this can go on while half the league is at work unaware of the brewing stew haha
  5. That ugly part of the game had reared its ugly head in private and pm for some time. A perceived and manifested trend that it is ok was starting to be commonplace and unchecked in the thread. These things were brought up and discussed just not clogging up the thread with it. Now that there was an argument by some to be upset that being rewarded for poor performance was and is not ok, that our CBA suggests building teams and trying to improve, keeping owners and fans happy was ignored. Well thats not ok. Its never an attack on one individual and not about one. Simply about holding the standard that was being compromised by a trend or idea that is not cool.
  6. The rule is not meant to scream anything. Its a CBA adjustment finalized by the leader of the League and endorsed by other members. Not everybody has to like it, some voice their concerns and frustration fair enough some a little bias and self serving. I get that too, we all have interests involved. I like the " how could you implement this mid season " argument.....you realize that is literally the furthest point in the time space continuum to the next draft...what? Implement it in the offseason with weeks til the draft? Some voice their support but the end of the day a change was implemented. Thats it. Nobody is not listening or hearing the outcry real or not. This is the adjustment, we move forward. Feel free to trade or make adjustments as an organization as needed.
  7. Devils Press Release: New Jersey is said to have completed atleast a couple trades with an aim to adding potential playoff depth. The team is actively exploring options on the blueline as some tinkering is needed. A few teams have inquired as to the availability of Jared Spurgeon and Dmitry Orlov whom the club have had preliminary discussions with other teams. Both are trending towards Playoff appearances and can produce in the 30+ pt range per season. New Jersey also at present has a 2nd and 4th rd pick available in the 2022 draft for teams wanting to add futures in a possible trade. The Devils remain open for business.
  8. Thanks for offering all your time and efforts here. A pleasure to deal with. All the best moving forward and perhaps we will see you here again down the road.
  9. When I am heavily discussing trades two days is a lot of time. Was a response to surfer's comment.
  10. Other than a couple posters here trying to warn everyone the sky is falling I've noticed no difference in the trade discussions I've been having.