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  1. @canuck2xtreme my organizational chart seems up to date with exception to this signing at your convenience thank you.
  2. Appreciate your wealth of information regarding the ferries, thanks for your contributions.
  3. Yet provides a vital service to coastal B.C which would be screwed without it. I think the issue with hiring shortfalls is the fact people can't sit around waiting on call as a reserve person not earning a living wage not accruing sea hours or experience in the company. Don't think it is as simple as just hiring more people or throwing more money at people.
  4. Coquitlam, Cowichan, and Surrey just keep plugging away. All used frequently on my home route Langdale to Horseshoe Bay.
  5. CONTRACT TERMINATION: The New Jersey Devils have terminated the contract of forward David Krejci as he has retired. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/bruins-david-krejci-announces-retirement-from-nhl/
  6. Jalen Chatfield was on the team during the time the " documented racist " was also on the team prior. Zero issues then. No reason to think one will arise. Much ado about nothing.
  7. Coastal class ships are going to start costing more and more from what I have read in the mariner community due to issues with design involving the propellors and shafts. I don't know enough about this but have rea don many social media mariner's sites this is becoming a cost and maintenance issue. You notice the ship's propellors sitting out of the water at all times and this apparently affects things. Needless to say I hear many people are not impressed. The Spirit class ships were built at various ship yards then assembled. I don't know the current capabilities of local shipyards with the navy and coast guard contracts.
  8. They add an extra sailing between Langdale and Horseshoe Bay during summer and peak times seems to work out. Yes this corporation like most right now have issues and yes money is not being allocated to improve or increase service versus going into the pockets of the people at the top. Common knowledge and happening everywhere these days and no amount of complaining is affecting change in this regard. We also think a company that big should be able to pay competitive wages and have enough staff on reserve but that aspect may not really be realistic as most people to work will accrue sea hours, if your sitting as a reserve person not building up your hours you will very likely go elsewhere right so simply having extra staff on hand is not as realistic as say a grocery store or.... One observation with society in general is a lack of patience, an increased entitlement and feeling or expectation that if someone wants something they want it now. Waiting or living in the moment is being eroded in people's lives so while there are always delays or interruptions in service people act like it is the end of the world when a sailing is delayed or canceled. Obviously this is frustrating and problematic for people whom require important appointments for health etc that require a ferry to get to, nobody is saying it is not frustrating or a problem but its real life.
  9. The ship discussed is the Queen of Surrey, it is the main ship for the Langdale route being 40 minutes. It was pulled from that route. The Coquitlam piggybacks the route to offer more frequent sailings and the Cowichan makes up the difference on non Coquitlam operating days.
  10. alrighty, that concludes another round, will check back in next week hahaha
  11. $ will prevent that from happening, perhaps a slight benefit tourism-wise but not much else, the costs to build alone would be devastating there is simply zero scenario where that makes sense. The fuel consumption by vehicles would also be adding greenhouse gases.
  12. New Jersey Devils 2023/24 Preview: Goaltenders The Devils have locked in their goaltenders for the organization's upcoming season, taking a look into who will be plying the paint in 2023/24 in New Jersey. While there is no clear cut fully established starter heading into the season there will be much depth at the position with every ability to produce numbers to defend the 2023 championship. Logan Thompson: Entering his second full season at this level, Logan already has a Championship ring, Allstar appearance and runner up for the Calder Trophy performance under his belt. Though his season ended prematurely due to nagging injuries he should still battle for 50% of the season's starts as a solid 1A/1B option moving forward. Jonas Johansson: The skilled goaltender has shown much promise over the years, still in his twenties we feel he really for the first time in his career is ready for and presented with an opportunity to be a relied upon for starts and games at the NHL level. His career spanning several seasons with a low games played count is not at all a factor in the process to bring Jonas to New Jersey. This year he could put it all together and provide the Devils production at the goaltending position. Eetu Makiniemi: Hampered by an ongoing injury that cost Eetu any opportunity late into last season, the young Finn is poised to be healthy later into camp arrival. He played very well in limited NHL action last season. The potential is there and we expect Eetu to push out of prospect status elevating into backup option as the season progresses. Arvid Holm: The young Swedish netminder has been seasoning at the AHL level for multiple years now. Brought in as a Free Agent signing this offseason, the Devils feel he can stabilize the Atlantic City club while providing security at the position with Eetu Makiniemi possibly unavailable right out of camp. Arvid like all our netminders under contract will be afforded the opportunity to earn a role in New Jersey out of camp. Another individual with much potential. Artur Akhtiamov: Sitting at number 5 on the depth chart, offseason signing Artur Akhtiamov could prove one of the more important additions to the organization this offseason. With impressive if not stellar numbers playing in Russia the young netminder is proving his worth. Still needing to develop and push up more levels there is a very high ceiling here, so much so the Devils scouting staff feel he could very well have a starter's pedigree. Many in the goaltending community feel he could end up being the top goaltender taken in his draft class. The organization will bring Artur along slowly. Likely being loaned to a Russian league for this season playing against men.
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