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  1. Looking through the righties Luke does come to mind and did well during his last stint in Vancouver. Perhaps an under the radar signing and if under 900k per then not bad at all with his experience and on ice ability. A cleaner cheaper risk than some other options.
  2. I could see Boston having interest but there isn't anything i'd want that would be agreeable from the Bruins except a pick(s) which doesn't address the Canucks need at well.....defense.
  3. Honestly if the team obtains a 3rd in 2023 or maybe a couple 4th rounders for Holtby its a good deal. He was a signing whom cost no assets to obtain and taking on $ 4.3 million is not ideal for any teams then again the Bruins are paying Swayman under a million, so $ 5.2 million for goaltending isnt high.
  4. Underrated option UFA righty who can play defense is a veteran with strong skating and is good at moving the puck is Codi Ceci and hes got good size 6ft 2 around 215lbs.
  5. The team still needs NHL defensemen, they can add bodies and still have space for Juolevi to push to take the next step and get Rathbone established at the NHL level. We also don't know if Schmidt moves or not, could be dealt without a Dman coming back. Smith is tough, plays right side, offers leadership and keeps the opposition honest, he could prove to be a nice stop gap and mentor to help the young guys. He's just not in his twenties anymore so the fanbase will look down on that option.
  6. Pretty sure Edler won't be an option and would command well over the League minimum, he will earn a nice contract elsewhere. McCabe would be the type of dman needed, Smith who can play right side would be the more natural fit. Smith is above 30 yrs old say people will scream that he's not 24 haha but he is reliable physical, team first, major leadership qualities.
  7. I have my doubts the Kings would go for it, but I have been researching where they are at and they do want another bigger "name" veteran and while Roy is solid there have been several highly touted drafted defense prospects by the Kings to start eating minutes, Kings could use Schmidt's pedigree while moving off Roy as an unofficial stop gap as he is truly a solid dman.
  8. Matt Roy is only 26 years old vs Schmidt being 30. Schmidt carries an extra year on his contract. I like Roy's age, cap and his ability. He has been playing top four minutes for the Kings and not a true shutdown defenseman he is defensively responsible. I looked at Josh Manson as well, little older, but Anaheim has some bigger contract dmen in the fold there and Schmidt would crowd that in my opinion. I think He and Doughty being the two go-to guys would be solid in LA. Thanks
  9. Maybe an under the radar look at a possible deal surrounding Nate Schmidt. I would firstly want to point out I believe the Canucks should if plausible financially retain Nate Schmidt and move forward with him. But as the common theme or suggestion around these boards is the Canucks do need to move more cap and do need to still add to their defense, keeping this in mind and the Canucks without a 2nd or 3rd round pick in 2022 here is my proposal, maybe bland but maybe a way to upgrade a pick as well as bring in a reliable right hand defenseman to play top four minutes: T
  10. Not sure what is going on but my family has a ranch on Douglas lake road south of Westwold, the White lake rock fire has been burning about 10 days and growing daily. There has been little to no support or noticeable crews. It was reported that a bomber dropped water or retardant but the family having been evacuated now has seen no evidence. House cams show the fire coming over the ridge ( their property ) into the valley unimpeded to the point it is simply across the street from the farm house, hay storage, equipment and other then hoses set up there is nobody to be seen, no water or anything
  11. Pittsburgh Penguins 2021 Entry Draft Report The results are in! Other than a few players most of my selections I " jumped the gun " and selected players well before they went in real life, is that a product of being completely out of my element or did I know something the NHL teams didnt lol My final three picks were fun selections I felt I wanted to take a run at, I didn't hold out too much hope that either would get selected and neither did so I suck but here is the run down: # 6 Defense Simon Edvinsson # 33 Forward Prokhor Poltapov
  12. Still half a round to go, I wonder if Daniil Lazutin finds a home. I just can't imagine he falls out of the draft from where he was.... and Chicago Steel defenseman Lukas Gustafsson, think he would be a shrewd pick up for someone.
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