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  1. I don't think the Canucks need to be spending assets to try and add Zacha, just my opinion though. Haula I am not sure why or how he is a player who will need to take a " show me " contract. He has proven he carries value up and down the lineup. I suspect he will sign a more than solid deal with a club as a top nine contributor. Vancouver as much as may have Juolevi, Rathbone or Rafferty in the lineup still needs to add an NHL piece. Koekkoek would be solid if your trying to be cheaky and snag more offensive potential. Otherwise a veteran right hander would be ideal, don't think Vatanen ( not signing for 1 million ). I would wonder if a Connor Hobbs would be worth a signing for the AHL, still some potential there ?
  2. Not to sound like people do at a time like this but he was a player I had hoped Vancouver would be able to bring into the organization. Yes we need to do something about the forward group re: those few contracts needing to go or be buried, I really see this player as someone who could be a real favorite of the coaches and fans here.
  3. Pleasantly surprised he was able to be resigned for under a million. Excellent value on this deal.
  4. Funny you seemed kind of upset with me last night.....liar .......
  5. Reading the CBA is a beautiful thing haha Player Agents Entry Level Contracts: aGENT Standard Player Contracts: Mike Vanderhoek/canuck2xtreme
  6. SIGNING: The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed forward Marcus Johansson to a three year deal.   Marcus Johansson: 3 years, $ 12.0 million dollar contract ( $ 4,000,000.00 per season ).
  7. SIGNING: The Vancouver Canucks have signed defenseman Mikko Lehtonen to a two year deal.   Mikko Lehtonen: 2 years, $ 2.8 million dollar contract ( $ 1,400,000.00 per season ).
  8. SIGNING: The Washington Capitals have signed forward Dylan Sikura to a one year deal.   Dylan Sikura: 1 year, $ 850 thousand dollar contract ( $ 850,000.00 per season ).
  9. SIGNING: The Minnesota Wild have signed forward Ryan Dzingel to a two year deal.   Ryan Dzingel: 2 years, $ 7.5 million dollar contract ( $ 3,750,000.00 per season ).
  10. SIGNING: The Los Angeles Kings have signed goaltender Samuel Montembeault to a two year deal.   Samuel Montembeault: 2 years, $ 1.8 million dollar contract ( $ 900,000.00 per season ).
  11. SIGNING: The Detroit Red Wings have signed defenseman Kodie Curran to a two year deal.   Kodie Curran: 2 years, $ 2.7 million dollar contract ( $ 1,350,000.00 per season ).
  12. SIGNING: The St.Louis Blues have signed forward Steven Fogarty to a one year deal.   Steven Fogarty: 1 year, $ 900 thousand dollar contract ( $ 900,000.00 per season ).
  13. SIGNING: The Philadelphia Flyers have signed forward Nick Caamano to a two year deal.   Nick Caamano: 2 years, $ 1.75 million dollars contract ( $ 875,000.00 per season ).
  14. SIGNING: The CDCGML Champion Nashville Predators have signed defenseman Victor Berglund to a three year deal.   Victor Berglund: 3 years, $ 2.4 million dollar contract ( $ 800,000.00 per season ).