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  1. JB says 2 more years. in 2 years we will be out from under louie, beagle, roussel, sutter. edler, hamonic, holtby, spooner, luongo,baertchi and likely virtanen.

    our 4th line might be motte, boyd and highmore.

    new players may be lind, podkolzin, focht. woo, rathbone + any new draftees or from trades. i think by then, petey and hughes will have mastered their crafts and become dominant players.

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    2. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      JB using that as leverage to get a new contract I see  :bigblush:

    3. drummer4now


      Doesn't matter what JB does from now and up until 5 years he will be fired and his replacement will take all the glory.... 


      Much like what Nonis did when Burkie was fired and Gillis coming after Nonis. 

    4. FlyLow_


      Find me a better defensman than Hamonic for 1.25 mill that isn't on an ELC, he's been good since he actually got a chance to settle in with the team. The rest I agree with.

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