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  1. if things had have worked out the way JB had hoped, we could have seen our forward lines;

    petey, boeser and ferland; horvat, pearson and virtanen; hoglander, miller and podkolzin; and maybe motte, highmore and gtaovac. he had the right idea, it just didn't all work out.

    1. nzan


      ferland would have potentially been nice and you're correct - just didn't work out

      it's tough to see virtanen projected with horvat and pearson though when toffoli continues to look the same as he did for us

      Hoglander Petey Toffoli

      Ferland Miller Boeser

      Pearson Horvat Podkolzin

      Dang that would be sweet

    2. fanfor42


      Find a replacement for Toff and Ferly and we are in business.  9OA plus money freeing up this year and next. We are going to be better.

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